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  1. hi, i really like the gameplay, but its way to easy so far (im in chapter 3 right now, playing on normal ) is there a way to change the difficulty? will the game get harder later on? is there some kind of very hard difficulty setting after i have finished the game? how many companions are there in the game? how many chapter has the game?
  2. same here. we pretty much learned the same amount of japanese too (hiragana, katakana, 550+ kanji and some vocab). i tried to read (had a quick look) at Love Revenge and gave up after an hour or so. even if you understand every word and/or use a dictionary, every sentence feels like a small puzzle you have to stitch together in the right order.
  3. can someone please help me with chitrans? for some reason there is always some text missing, and its always the first line. "GetTextExtentPoint32W" has all lines, but it shows them multiple times edit: nvm, changed the delay in the options.
  4. if you want to show both of them an anime at the same time => everything studio Ghibli for your mom => something like Usagi Drop and Barakamon for your dad => Stranger: Mukou Hadan and Ghost in the Shell
  5. @Funnerific & @Dergonu: thy, the basic grammar course SGJL4 from memrise was based on Tae Kims´s guide. i think all grammar sections in this course are from him. what im actually looking for are some sites to a) practice everything from Tae Kim`s basic grammar section (conjugation, particles etc.). b) learn a little bit more about sentence structure and stuff like that.
  6. @Huang Ling Yin chitrans = nope === don't use a tool at all? || or there are better alternatives? i don't want to use the machine translation, i want to use chitrans for the color coding, dictionary, and furigana. @ヤミハナ: ty, eroge are perfectly fine. i will work on my grammar a little bit more and try some of the shorter ones (bookmarked).
  7. Japanese Grammar related: Hi, I'm currently learning a little bit of Japanese on Memrise (SGJL Course) and finished the first 4 courses in the series (hiragana, katakana, 550+ kanji, basic grammar). Learning Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji is pretty straight forward but I didn't understand everything grammar related. Do you know any good sites and or methods to learn grammar, I need some practice before I move on and learn vocabulary. I found this site http://genki.japantimes.co.jp/self/verbadjective-conjugation-practice to practice adjective and verb conjugation but I still
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