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  1. It stalled for a bit, but it's going strong again. There's hope yet. And as for me, I hope that there was no bad news with COVID for the staff. Life's depressing enough without all that. Cheers.
  2. Fortune Arterial OP Plays as Black Screen

    Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately, none of those things fixed it. I have a Surface Book 2 if that makes any difference. The black screen thing is happening with Yoake mae yori Ruri iro na as well. Any more suggestions?
  3. I installed Fortune Arterial with my locale set to Japanese and it seems to run okay. Initially, the OP played just fine, but after it played a few times, it started displaying as a black screen instead. The music still plays, but there are no visuals. I have Windows 10 and the OP in question is the one that appears when you idle at the title screen. Help?
  4. Made an account just to say, thank you guys for this! I just got through the prologue and I'm really looking forward to the full patch!