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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from The Major in Is it ok to be a "gentleman?"   
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from hentaisenpai in Light novel recommendations   
    Haruhi Suzumiya is one of the only ones I can think of that actually exists in English. It's essential reading for anyone wanting to get into light novels.
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from zakobot in Fan Translating Time Travelers VN (Level-5)   
    Really wish I could play it. But since the 3DS is region locked, that's not an option. Perhaps when I get a PSP and Vita hopefully.
    BTW, how complicated is the Japanese in this game? Does anyone know?
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from zakobot in Do games like 'The Walking Dead' count under the 'Visual Novel' genre? What's everyone's take on this?   
    Games like the Walking Dead, the Stanley Parable, and Heavy Rain contain visual novel-like elements, particularly with affecting the narrative through making choices, but I wouldn't call them visual novels. There's far more interaction in those games compared to reading text. You have to draw a line. It's sort of similar to why point-and-click adventure games are more "game" rather than "visual novel."
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from zakobot in English visual novels for the 3DS   
    Thanks. Wish the audio quality could be better though.
    Even though all of this is in kana, the voice actors speak way too quickly and the text is only there briefly. For a student learning Japanese, it'd be really difficult to follow otherwise.
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from Nosebleed in Saddest moments in an Anime   
    Grave of the Fireflies. 'Nuff said.
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from Kris in Ever 17 -The Out of Infinity- iOS/Android English Patch   
    Hello, I'm a first time poster of Fuwanovel. I've been a long time user of the site, but have only recently joined the forums.
    I'm starting this thread to build interest in a potential English patch for the iOS and Android version of KID's critically acclaimed adventure visual novel Ever 17 -The Out of Infinity-. The game, (along with the rest of the Infinity series) is available on the Japanese iTunes and Google Play stores; but unfortunately have no English support.
    Via Twitter, I'm in contact with someone who would be able to create such a patch for the game. The Twitter user in question is "i-vntp" as seen here.
    He was one of the people responsible for the Steins;Gate iOS patch back in 2011 and is currently devloping an application that would allow visual novels to be converted into iOS and Android format. I am aware of VNDS, which is a fantastic application in its own right, but it is severely limited in terms of movement and there is currently no video support whatsoever. 
    The point of this patch is to create definitive handheld Ever 17 experience. If and when said English patch is created, users would be able to apply it to the original app and play the entire game translated, just like the PC version. The creation of the actual patch wouldn't be too time-consumer and is very possible. What this project needs though is the people to support it. i-vntp has stated that he will only make the patch if enough people are interested.
    This is where you people come in. Please show your support for this project by clicking "Yes" on the poll! We need enough votes in order to show that there is demand for this patch! And if it is sucessful, who knows? Perhaps patches for the other Infinity games on iOS and Android could happen at some point in the future. But right now the focus is on Ever 17.
    Show your support today! Thanks!
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from RainHeaven in Anime as Art   
    With ANY form of media, be it books, plays, movies, video games, visual novels, anime, and so forth; you're always going to have bad art which makes up the majority and good art which are the few exceptions. I firmly believe that video games and anime ARE in fact forms of art, but because they're so new compared to other media; they aren't considered as such by the majority of critics out there.
    I think anime is on a "higher" level than video games to a point. Cowboy Bebop and pretty much the majority of Ghibli's films are widely acclaimed and are no doubt considered "art" by most who see them. However, you're always going to have poor shows and films that drag the entire industry down, creating a negative stigma. Trying to convince an American audience that grew up or were surrounded by bastardized versions of Pokemon and Sailor Moon aren't going to understand that anime cna be art. However, some people like Roger Ebert understood what anime was and its importance, but I have to admit that he was out of touch when it came to video games. Ebert grew up in a time before modern technology existed so he doesn't "get" them. Older people like him usually don't because it wasn't part of their era. I find it kind of hypocritical that he can consider films like My Neighbor Totoro "art" but he can't view an industry that's given us masterpieces like Shadow of the Colossus, Okami, Metal Gear, Ni no Kuni, etc.
    As time goes on, I think that eventually we will see anime and video games on the same respect level as films and books. It's just going to take awhile. A hundred years ago, motion pictures were seen as novelties and time wasters. But when the great film makers like Melies, Griffth, and Wells showed us A Trip to the Moon, The Birth of a Nation, and Citizen Kane; it changed everyone's perspectives on the industry. And ironically, many of the masterpiece films we view today, weren't that well received when they originally came out. Take Blade Runner and The Shawshank Redemption for example. So I think that's what the video game and anime industry needs. Time. With time, both industries will be respected and appreciated because the next generation of people will have grown up and understood them. The Cowboy Bebops, BioShock Infinites, and Steins;Gates that we experienced today will perhaps become our Moon, Nation, and Kane.
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    MetalUpa1014 got a reaction from laiktail in Will visual novels ever have a market in the West?   
    I really do agree. I think the main reason that visual novels have never been popular is because they're marketed as "games" when they should be marketed as "novels." A visual novel is essentially a fancy eBook with graphics and sound, so I think it would be perfectly marketed towards the tablet/eReader audience.
    I also think that visual novels should start out more "Westernized." The closest example that I can think of is 428: In A Blockaded Shibuya (which we're doing a fan translation for). Unlike other visual novels that use an anime-like art style, 428 is one of the few that uses actually live action stills and video. It's essentially a Hollywood film akin to Pulp Fiction with its view from multiple protagonists. If marketed correctly and for the right audience, this could have been a reasonable hit.
    Unfortunately, anime still has a negative stigma around it. Whenever I mention it at school, the average person who's completely ignorant to the genre says things like "Anime? You mean stuff like Yu-Gi-Oh?" I remember that last year there were a bunch of girls in my class who liked the Studio Ghibli films. When I pointed out that they were anime, they looked at me like I was stupid or something. They probably thought, "What? Surely something this good CAN'T be one of those stupid Japanese cartoons." It's an awful stereotype that the majority of stupid Americans still believe in. Still, never give up hope. The anime industry still has a long ways to go in the West, but it's FAR better than what it was here ten years ago. With the enough time and the right tactics, I think that visual novels might have a chance.
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