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  1. Memories Off

    Well now that I actually have a PSP, I'm probably just going to CFW. If you're for some reason opposed to that, you could always import through Amazon or eBay.
  2. True or False

    True... sort of. I never grew up with the series and have played maybe half an hour of the first game, but stopped. I actually gave it to my girlfriend as a Valentine's Day gift last year. She broke up with me two months later, and I never asked for it back. I can't exactly go up and ask her now, given the fact that I want to avoid her completely. Eh, I'll just play it in an emulator. I sort of want to play them in Japanese in order to improve my reading skills. Probably will do that soon actually. Next person likes Dragon Quest.
  3. True or False

    True. So many people think that their Buzzfeed or Twitter is accurate. But then again, bias will exist regardless. Next person likes the band Chicago.
  4. True or False

    True. I like everything from healthy Greek yogurt to the stuff which includes mini-M&Ms and Reese's Pieces. Next person once liked Apple, but saw through their deception and now is an Android convert.
  5. 428 -In a Blockaded Shibuya- English Translation

    Thanks! But unfortunately work has halted on it currently. We haven't given up on the project yet, but the director is still looking at the code. We've done some preliminary translation, but not much as of yet. It's going to take a long time. No ETA whatsoever. It could take years.
  6. True or False

    False. I'm not into cockteases. Either it's all-ages or it's hentai. Next person likes Golgo 13.
  7. True or False

    True. My mother owned an NES and original GameBoy that I played as a kid. Now that I have a Retron 5 though which plays everything through HDMI, I sort of don't use them anymore. Next person likes the music of Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi.
  8. True or False

    True/false. I'll take anyone as my girlfriend regardless of race as long as they truly love and care for me. Besides, I'll eventually be able to read Japanese fluently on my own. Next person likes Spider-Man.
  9. True or False

    True. I play the violin too. Next person is only pretending to be retarded.
  10. True or False

    True, true, true, true! I'm currently playing the import version right now to help me with my Japanese. I"m on the third disc but have to save often since it sometimes crashes at load screens. ;( Next person likes Metal Gear.
  11. True or False

    ふふふふふふふふ。もちろん!I AM MAD SCIENTIST. IT'S SOOOO COOOOOL. SUNUVABITCH. Next person likes the Sega Dreamcast.
  12. True or False

    True. But I've gotten lazy. Need to get back into it. Next person thinks incest is wincest (in hentai).
  13. True or False

    True. I saw Sorcerer last night, and that's the definition of an obscure movie. Because it came out a month after Star Wars in 1977, almost no one saw it. Next person is a tit-man, as opposed to an ass-man.
  14. True or False

    False, I'll drink it on occasion. Next person needs more sleep.
  15. True or False

    True, well sort of. I'm about to watch the Theory of Everything in preparation for the Oscars. Only other nominees I need to see are Selma and American Sniper. Next person thinks words hurt more than a nuclear bomb. B)