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  1. Steins;Gate movie discussion.

    I wrote about it briefly on this thread, but I'd really like to hear your thoughts on the new Steins;Gate movie that just recently came out on Japanese Blu-ray and DVD. And with this being the Internet, a rip and subs were posted online within 24 hours of its release. I just finished seeing it and this film really blew me away. Seriously, this is possibly one of the most emotional stories I've ever seen. Has anyone seen it yet? If so, I'd really want to hear your thoughts. If what they say is true, is the Steins;Gate movie truly worthy of being the final chapter in the series? Should the story continue? Personally, I really don't think that 5pb needs to further do anything with the main story. Sure, a few spin-off manga and radio dramas are fine and I'm still waiting for a live-action film adaption, but I think that where everything stands currently it doesn't need continue. The best writer is the one that knows when to stop and when to realize that they've said everything that needs to be said. The film ties up all loose ends and doesn't leave room for a sequel. The best anime series that have ever existed like Cowboy Bebop and Death Note have final endings without needlessly dragging their stories 200+ episodes. In my opinion, Steins;Gate should end right here. Just let it go, 5pb and Nitroplus.
  2. For the uniniated, 428 -In A Blockaded Shibuya- is a visual novel adventure game created and written by veterans Kōichi Nakamura and Jiro Ishi. It was developed by Chunsoft (known for the long line of "Sound Novels") and published by Sega. As you might have guessed, the story takes place in the modern Japanese district of Shibuya. The plot follows five different characterrs with their own seemingly seperate storylines However, as major events begin to play out; these characters are soon drawn together when Shibuya is locked down due to a deadly virus. The game was originally on Wii, but later ported over to PS3, PSP, iOS, Android. Does anyone have any idea if a fan translation is possible? Dagnan Ronpa and Steins;Gate have proven that fan translaions can be done with iOS and PSP games, but is it even attemptable for Wii and PS3? How does this visual novel not have a fan translation!? It's one of the few games to receive a 40/40 from the Japanese magazine Famitsu, it's one of the few visual novels to use live-action stills, there's hours of gameplay, a whopping 85 possible endings, and it looks like to be one of the best stories ever in video games. I'm completely shocked to see that no one on the Internet hasn't attempted at translating it. Isn't there ANYONE out there who's interested in this game at all? It's surely a hefty task trying to translate a 50 hour visual novel, but it'd be no doubt worth it in the end. I personally have zero programming skills or experience, so that unfortunately prevents me from attemtping to do anything. However, if anyone was at all interested in creating a patch; I'd be glad to help out it someway such as being a localizer for the raw translated text. Is anyone here interested in starting this project? Or do you know someone who would be able to? Please give me your feedback! Relevant Links: Wikipedia article: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/428:_F%C5%ABsa_Sareta_Shibuya_de VNDB entry: http://vndb.org/v1299 Game opening: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NLEW76ohSU
  3. Metal Gear

    This is a thread dedicated to Hideo Kojima's epic stealth game series, Metal Gear! I personally am a huge fan of this man's work, and Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater ranks as one of my favorite games of all time. Are there any MGS fans here on Fuwa? If so, this is the place to discuss it! And with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain coming in the very near future, this is the perfect time to start too! Any thoughts on this franchise? Remember to keep spoilers tagged.
  4. Title says it all. What are your picks for best anime based off video games, visual novel or otherwise. Personally for me, I'm going with Steins;Gate. It's one of the few adaptions to strongly adhere to the original VN story, but also be it's own series. The acting's great, the animation is great, the music and cast are great; everything just works. Now if you want the worst anime based of a video game, it's either Ninja Gaiden or Megami Tensei; two really obscure, really crappy OVAs. The animation is poor, the sound us incrediblly dated, and they look like they were hasitly animated in two weeks. Good thing these types of OVAs have faded into obscurity. They came out during Japan's bubble economy where practically anyone could sell anything, so it's no wonder they suck.
  5. Piracy

    This is a hot-button topic among many people, but I want to hear your thoughts on this subject. There's no beating around the bush with this one, but I'll point out the elephant in the room. Fuwanovel is a site for piracy. Now before people start attacking me, let me make one thing perfectly clear. I am a strong supporter of piracy, and fully support this site. With that out of the way, let's move on to the actual topic. I'm starting this thread because as I use the Internet more each day, I think about how much I owe to it for giving many of the games and movies that I've ever looked at. A majority of the albums in my digital music library and the majority of the films that I watch nowadays come from The Pirate Bay and other torrent/download sites. Many of the visual novels I've ever read I downloaded from Fuwanovel and other places. But why exactly do I defend piracy besides the fact that it gives people free stuff that they'd normally have to pay for? Simple. Because it's completely harmless. We live in an age where everything is digital and a copy of anything can be made for virtually nothing. The argument that I've often heard against piracy is the whole "stealing a car from the lot" analogy. There's a big difference between stealing a car and downloading a copyrighted work for free. A car is made out of physical parts and part of processes that each cost money to collect, build, assemble, and ship out. A digital download on the other hand contains no such thing. It's simply a COPY of a work that was created once. Another argument against piracy that I've heard is that it "hurts the audience." In my opinion, this is one of the weakest excuses I've ever heard. Let's take the Avengers for example. It was the highest grossing film of 2012 making of $1 billion. Now tell me, do you think that if a few thousand people pirate the movie online that Joss Whedon, Marvel, or Disney will go out of business? They're filthy rich and aren't losing money. They're MAKING money. And if you want more proof that Hollywood isn't leaving anytime soon, then simply look at the recession. During that brief time period where we thought that America would have another Great Depression, Hollywood lost the LEAST amount of jobs. The movie, music, and video games industry are all worth billions of dollars and still going strong. Piracy can't even make a dent in that. Piracy actually helps SPREAD the word of products. For instance, if I pirated an album from a certain band and I like them; what's stopping me from going to one of their concerts? You can't pirate a real live performance. Nor can you pirate merchandise such as T-shirts and other collectables. To begin with, big music artists see little money from their own albums since the majority of the profits go to the record labels. If you still think that piracy is so bad, I'm willing to bet that you're guilty of it but don't realize it. If you've ever borrowed anything like a movie, book, or video game from a friend you've pirated it. If you've ever checked out anything at your local library, you my friend, are a pirate. Did you pay for the copyrighted work? No. Are you viewing/reading/playing the entire thing to completion? Yes. What if you decide to use perfectly legal software like iTunes to rip tracks from a CD that you borrowed? How is that piracy if iTunes, a major company that ironically was made to PREVENT piracy, officially sanctions? How exactly is checking out a movie from the library and returning it any different than downloading the same movie off of Pirate Bay and then deleting it off your hard drive once you've finished it? There is something that I do have to address though when it comes to piracy: indie developers. If you're an indie film maker, indie game designer, or indie music artist; then piracy might have a bigger effect on you. For instance, if one guy made a super popular game but a majority of people pirated it, then he will likely lose a lot of money since he's the sole owner of the intellectual property. It isn't like Warner Bros. or Activision where there's tons of other factors involved. So if you can, you should probably do your best to support small teams by buying their products. And if you can't afford them, try waiting for great deals on Steam or giving them donations. This post is quickly becoming longer than I expected, by I hope you've got the point across. TL;DR: Piracy is perfectly fine, and is a perfectly harmless way to experience media. With a few exceptions, there is absolutely nothing wrong with it. What are your thoughts?
  6. Memories Off

    Does anyone have any familiarity with this series? It's a renai line of visual novels by KID, the same folks who made the Infinity games. I'm real interested in this one because it seems to have the same quality as those games. Unfortunately, none of them have been translated into English. Does anyone have a Japanese download link for the first Memories Off game?
  7. Memories Off

    Well now that I actually have a PSP, I'm probably just going to CFW. If you're for some reason opposed to that, you could always import through Amazon or eBay.
  8. True or False

    True... sort of. I never grew up with the series and have played maybe half an hour of the first game, but stopped. I actually gave it to my girlfriend as a Valentine's Day gift last year. She broke up with me two months later, and I never asked for it back. I can't exactly go up and ask her now, given the fact that I want to avoid her completely. Eh, I'll just play it in an emulator. I sort of want to play them in Japanese in order to improve my reading skills. Probably will do that soon actually. Next person likes Dragon Quest.
  9. True or False

    True. So many people think that their Buzzfeed or Twitter is accurate. But then again, bias will exist regardless. Next person likes the band Chicago.
  10. True or False

    True. I like everything from healthy Greek yogurt to the stuff which includes mini-M&Ms and Reese's Pieces. Next person once liked Apple, but saw through their deception and now is an Android convert.
  11. 428 -In a Blockaded Shibuya- English Translation

    Thanks! But unfortunately work has halted on it currently. We haven't given up on the project yet, but the director is still looking at the code. We've done some preliminary translation, but not much as of yet. It's going to take a long time. No ETA whatsoever. It could take years.
  12. True or False

    False. I'm not into cockteases. Either it's all-ages or it's hentai. Next person likes Golgo 13.
  13. True or False

    True. My mother owned an NES and original GameBoy that I played as a kid. Now that I have a Retron 5 though which plays everything through HDMI, I sort of don't use them anymore. Next person likes the music of Studio Ghibli composer Joe Hisaishi.
  14. True or False

    True/false. I'll take anyone as my girlfriend regardless of race as long as they truly love and care for me. Besides, I'll eventually be able to read Japanese fluently on my own. Next person likes Spider-Man.
  15. True or False

    True. I play the violin too. Next person is only pretending to be retarded.
  16. True or False

    True, true, true, true! I'm currently playing the import version right now to help me with my Japanese. I"m on the third disc but have to save often since it sometimes crashes at load screens. ;( Next person likes Metal Gear.
  17. True or False

    ふふふふふふふふ。もちろん!I AM MAD SCIENTIST. IT'S SOOOO COOOOOL. SUNUVABITCH. Next person likes the Sega Dreamcast.
  18. True or False

    True. But I've gotten lazy. Need to get back into it. Next person thinks incest is wincest (in hentai).
  19. True or False

    True. I saw Sorcerer last night, and that's the definition of an obscure movie. Because it came out a month after Star Wars in 1977, almost no one saw it. Next person is a tit-man, as opposed to an ass-man.
  20. True or False

    False, I'll drink it on occasion. Next person needs more sleep.
  21. True or False

    True, well sort of. I'm about to watch the Theory of Everything in preparation for the Oscars. Only other nominees I need to see are Selma and American Sniper. Next person thinks words hurt more than a nuclear bomb. B)
  22. True or False

    False. I actually have nothing, apart from a blood test tomorrow morning. I'm going to spend my time catching up on Shenmue, playing indie games on PS3, and watching more great movies. Oh, and I'll probably have to seriously look at scholarships for the university I'm entering, since the deadlines are next month. Next person has been in an online relationship or thinks that they can work.
  23. True or False

    True, prefer it over iOS usually. Next person is currently dating.
  24. True or False

    True, if it's done well like with the Key games. Next person likes Kanon.
  25. True or False

    False. I haven't been to the public swimming pool in over two years. My skin looks terrible, and I don't want to be seen in public shirtless. I may not be fat or anything, but I'm certainly not muscular. Next person is dying of boredom.