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  1. TC Kain+ [Sci fi, Politics, War]

    Version 0.3.1a has been released. 1. Chapter 9 has been completed. 2. Main screen has been reworked to secure space for planned 20 episodes. 3. New main screen BGM has been selected. 4. I now rely on far less stock assets now. Over 90% of assets are my works from ground up. (BGM excluded).
  2. TC Kain+ [Sci fi, Politics, War]

    Version 0.2.6 has been released. 1. Chapter 8 has been completed. This chapter includes the first story related space battle. 2. Most of stock asset characters have been replaced with characters modelled in Blender.
  3. TC Kain+ [Sci fi, Politics, War]

    Version 0.2.4 has been released. Ver 0.2.4 changes 1. Chapter 5 and 6 have been imported and they've been enhanced. I've replaced most of stock assets characters with mine and filled some gaps in story.
  4. TC Kain+ [Sci fi, Politics, War]

    Ver 0.2.2c has been released. (Link to direct download) Ver 0.2.2c 1. Chapter 4 has been imported. While at it, I've re-rendered character images for some characters, replacing stock assets I used previously. 2. A new test battle, defensive battle, has been added. Youtube video for the new test battle.
  5. Website (Intro and download) Hello, TC Kain+ is an evolved form of my previous WIP VN called TC Kain which has a thread here. The reason for "plus" is that the game now runs in Unity3D and I've added space battle mini games to it. This VN is a little different from others. It has no element of anime. It is not about relationships. It is about war and politics as well as life and death based on a sci-fi world I've created. I've built this world based on year 9599 and wrote extensive lore to enrich the world. The title is Two Clusters Kain arc plus or, in short, TC Kain+. Story There are four main characters. Two are immediately introduced. Two others are introduced much later. Kain and Suu who are introduced at the beginning take most screentime. Kain hails from a humble beginning. As an ex-journalist working for a magazine company on Moon, he joins Sol navy just to get away from his financial hardships casued by severe recession. His goal, initially, is simply to feed himself. But he soons finds himself heavily engulfed in war, politics, and women. Suu hails from a strong family. She has powerful parent and background. Having deep respect, almost to a point of being overly zealous, toward his father, she volunteers to join Sol navy to aid her father in achieving his dream. However, she soon finds that the world outside of sheltered life isn't what she thought it'd be. Third character, Juron, is introduced in chapter 6. Forth, and final, character, Magenta is introduced in chapter 8. This VN portrays their lives. Few ingame screenshots Art This VN uses exclusively CG (Computer Grahpics). I use Blender. However, due to large amount of cast, I also use stock CG assets that I purchased. You can generally tell the different on the screen from stock assets and mine unfortunately. Over time, I hope to replace them with my own. But modelling clothes, humanoid figures, and such take a loooong time. Therefore, not all characters are made in Blender and some are from stock assets. VN and its arts are inseparable. Though, in my case, it's CG art. For an example, on a screne. Before render After a quick, simple, test render Full render before being fed into GIMP for post processing Tactical mini space battle A major improvement from my previous TC Kain is an addition of mini space battles. This is the reason I decided to import my VN to Unity. There is a test battle feature where you can just try the mini game. There will be more test battles added in the future. From chapter 8 and onward, there will be story related space battles. Thank you
  6. First post updated. I am starting to add my own character designs, replacing some of stock assets.
  7. I am not dead. Yet anyway. As of Version 0.6.4, I've reworked some of very early CGs in chapter 1. Basically, I've tried to polish chapter 1 which was very rough around edges when it was first published. There are numerous improvements to graphics overall. Basically, I've become better at Blender (CG application).
  8. Chapter 4 has been completed.
  9. Version 0.4.0 is out. Chapter 2 is now complete.
  10. Version 0.3.4 is out. Chapter 1 is complete. 1/3 of Chapter 2 is complete.
  11. Version 0.2.5 came out today and chapter 1 is 2/3 complete. Once chapter 1 is done, a downloadable (for windows) will become available.
  12. Hello, I've been working on a visual novel based on my own writing. It is a freeware visual novel and I intend to keep it free. It is built with TyranoBuilder, Blender, Daz3D, and GIMP for post processing of CG renders. The title: Two Clusters - Kain arc Website: http://www.twoclusters.com/ This story is set in Two Clusters universe set in far future of year 9600~. The main character is Kain, an ex-journalist who was forced to join space navy in order to feed himself. He soon finds himself engulfed in wars and his journey begins in space. This VN is played on the internet at http://www.twoclusters.com/web-version Introducing two (out of 3) main characters Few ingame screenshots