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  1. Yeh, but i don't know every kanji i come across. So i use a machine translator as an accompaniment, but when you're reading it it gets frustrating to look at two different windows, so i usually read it all off the translator. This is because it pastes the RAW text as well as the translation when you highlight over it. It's pretty convenient, the dictionary i use is good, but it opens in another window so it becomes a problem. So i read the text directly from the translator (RAW & Translated version), it's annoying about the visual's as they are in another window, but since it's pretty rep
  2. That's fine, thanks for confirming it it's actually a xor cipher
  3. That's not what i said xD I'm just using the streamer to intercept the text, since i can't access the files directly. I can instead use a streamer to grab the text as it reaches the application. We read the novel with a machine translator first as it's quicker than translating each line "by hand" just to read it, although granted the machine translator was so bad i didn't know if Yuuto wanted a gun or a haircut. So we decided to make our own private translation of it to compliment the machine translation. That is to say, if there's a section which is particularly bad, we'll translate it "by ha
  4. Thanks This fixed it, first novel i've read that required this though. At least i'll be able to read it now
  5. Hey o/ I've recently managed to extract the .arc script files from the visual novel "Sky full of stars". I did a quick check and it's all there, the entire common route and the heroine routes are seperated very nicely into separate files see here: (http://img.ctrlv.in/img/15/12/22/567962b9809f4.png) I've managed to decode them as well since they were using Shift-JIS and word is very helpful with this. However, when i actually got around to starting the visual novel (Probably should've done this first). The game displays random symbols instead of kanji. Here: (http://img.ctrlv.in/img/15/12/22/5
  6. I quite agree, I've only tried one of them (I think it was swim club) and it was definately not my kind of thing nor what i could consider a good Vn but i won't bash it...just isn't my type of thing...i'm sure people out there enjoy Sakura games...right? some people do anyways haha. I've tried 2, i managed to finish one route in sakura angels, and 5 minutes of gameplay in sakura spirit. Now they just rot in my steam folder.
  7. It is anti-piracy or anti-translation protection. For example. Lilith started using it after translation groups translated the first few Taimanin games. I don't know what workarounds exist. Dam, i assume they do exist. Since staircase subs managed to get around it. Oh.....hahah i just thought of something. The kirikiri engine reads patch2.xp3 when it starts up and uses the files in there instead of those in in scenario.xp3. I already know the file names i need to overwrite, so couldn't i just write a file into patch2.xp3 to replace the file in scenario.xp3? For instance, in scenario.xp3 there'
  8. Ok, sorry to add onto the question pile xD I'm trying to extract the scenario.xp3 from the visual novel dracu-riot!. I can extract stuff like the scene list, but the extractors i've been using keep telling me "That archive is protected" and "Expected #01 but got #80". I've tried the following extractors: Crass, XP3 Extractor, XP3 Viewer, ExtractData. When I set the param for the crass one like tpm1="" it began to extract the hidden files, but then failed and stated it had a runtime error. What extractor should i use for this? Any ideas how to bypass the protection on the archive? The scripting
  9. Hey o/ Me and my friend have recently decided to try and translate some of the missing routes from staircase subs partial translation. We've used a VN streamer and translator to read the novel already, but we feel the novel will be better when you don't spend most of the time staring at a plain translation application xD I've already extracted the .xp3 file named "patch2.xp3". I got this. I had a look at the files using a text editor and it's obvious they're encrypted, so i'm wondering how to decrypt them? I think someone on these forums suggested offzip?, but i felt it unnecessary because all
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