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  1. Congratulations on finally releasing the new patch, this project has been prolonged for way too much time already. The ReTranslation Patch is working flawlessly. I was unsure at first if I should even post here since, apparently, MeruP hates me. Some Chinese users from Steam have reached to me asking about the possibility of supporting the Chinese Language DLC since apparently there is at least 9000-ish people who want a Chinese Translation + Censored Content Patch. I've unpacked the files from the Chinese DLC but that thing is a complete mess, I'm open to suggestions on how to better edit the game files (besides using a Hex Editor to "decrypt" the .ws2 files) or on how to edit these .lng files from the Chinese DLC, but knowing MeruP, I'm more likely to get ignored like last time. Also, according to some reviews in the Chinese DLC, the Chinese "translation" by CrapNovel is just as bad as the English "translation", maybe they really are just a bunch of illiterates. With all due respect, NTLEA or Locale Emulator IS required for the old patch because, since it isn't compatible with the Steam release, the only way to get it work with the Steam release was to also install Sweet Love and as you know, Sweet Love needs a Locale Emulator because of Japanese Time Format. As for the garbage and useless files, one only keeps them if they want to, I even coded a f****** batch to delete most if not all of those useless files because people are lazy. While I must agree that the guide doesn't exactly provide the best credits to everyone responsible for the patch it is not true that they don't exist. Right at the beginning of the guide I refer that the patch was made by Fuwanovel and again in the last section, in my guide I always refer the patch as being Fuwanovel's Patch because, unfortunately, that's just how most people know it as - you can thank Stalinchan for that. And while it is true that I should have asked permission before writing a guide about someone else's patch, and I apologize for not doing so, all I did was fixing broken download links and share them, because I think anyone who has paid for this MoeNovel crap deserves to get the full content. Is it illegal? Maybe, but hey, you've been literally hacking into someone else's game files, modifying them, and redistributing them, aren't we all to blame for piracy? Btw, the Chinese version of my guide is not maintained by me, I have no idea what the person responsible for it has been doing there as I don't understand Chinese. I always give and always have given full props to MeruP, Pabloc and everyone else responsible for this project, not Fuwa as a whole, because, as you said, this thread exists mainly because of historical reasons; never have I ever thought of saying something like "Oh yeah, I made this patch. - worship me.". I wrote the guide because the other old guides were full of misinformation and nonsense (eg. applying the patch twice on top of each other) and because Steam users deserved better than just reading what CrapNovel did. I apologize for the long and completely unnecessary post.
  2. What difference it makes being old if both work? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Locale Emulator is nice because of the context menu option but that means one has to run the VN via the executable (right clicking it and selecting Locale Emulator), that would cut off the connection with Steam (no overlay and such). With NTLEA there's an easy way to do this while keeping the Steam overlay. There's probably a way of doing this with Locale Emulator as well but at the time the guide was made Locale Emulator didn't exist yet, only NTLEA and some other which name I forgot.
  3. If Japanese Locale Is Not Enough (IMHHW Fix)

    Thank you for crediting the post.
  4. *Imagines Moenovelish translation in French.*
  5. Does that mean that the only one translating at this moment is you?