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  1. Well, I may be a newbie, but I did do my research on him.
  2. HEHHEHEHE ....... I'm not, seriously..... OwO
  3. Today is Nosebleed appreciation day, a holiday I made up just now. SOOO, write you posts beginning with Nosebleed Now and state why you appreciate him (cough,cough LOVE HIM cough). You could also send him love letters. Our goal is 9,737, like his current post count! NOSEBLEED NOW!! EDIT: ...this should be on Coliseum of Chatter. I HAVE NO REGRETS. HOLD ME BACK TAY! But seriously... sorry.
  4. Well, I could give it a shot. I don't own a tablet (>3<). If your okay with scanning for now, I might be able to do it. Characters are my specialty!
  5. This... this is all I ever wanted from life. Thank you TT^TT
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