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Fake Ragnarok at 4 AM Review



Since we have Ninetail planned the Kickstarter for Venus Blood Ragnarok along with a fan released the less known VN with the title 'Fake World's End at 4 AM', I decided to make the parody for the later by changing 'World's End' into 'Ragnarok' so we have 'Fake Ragnarok at 4 AM', which is quite fitting because Ragnarok is known as the big war happening when the world is about to end according to Norse mythology. Anyway, for this week, let's just say that it's too bad that Steam decided to ban Tenshi Reboot which obviously cause the delay. Also yes I knew Nekonyan had done harsh but necessary action towards Sakuramoyu project, but it's still rough for Nekonyan to suddenly face the setback, so yeah overall I felt unpleasant to both incidents. My feeling for this week situation aside, overall what I can say about this week it would be another below average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Once again Steam decided to ban Tenshi Reboot, which mean Steam didn't bother to change their policy to their random banning, although seeing that it got its job done for years perhaps Valve know there's no point to change the system. To be fair though, its not the fault of Valve alone, but rather one of the reviewer who randomly tasked to reviewing Tenshi Reboot. Also to be fair, there are several questionable image even on the Steam build, so of course the random reviewer probably just banned it as the response of the reviewer being panic. Anyway, for now Nekonyan decided to ask for Hikari Field help to resubmit the build to Valve, so it will take a while before Tenshi Reboot ready for Steam release. Wake-Up Call in form of Tenshi Reboot ban aside, at least we have Nekonyan manage to have Irotoridori finally ready to be released with they'll release it on February 16th later, so feel free to note the date if you've been waiting for very long time (At most 12 years).

Cherry Kiss manage to release their newest nukige, and I only know that it has aunt heroine looking from the title alone. Idea Factory announce they'll localize the newest Date A Live VN (Ren Dystopia), and they stated it'll be available sometimes in this year. Speaking of announcement, PQube announced they'll release Konosuba VN on February 8th later. From fan translation, we have Akagoei 3 is at 81.95% translated along with 10.14% edited, Nagi no Koi is at 45% translated along with 20% edited and the assets has been 30% worked on, and ChuSingura is at 37.08% translated. For the release, actually Fake World's End at 4 AM is from the last week, but I forgot to write about it. From what I can see, apparently it's about the MC who entrusted the mysterious egg by the mysterious girl Feni who tell the story about fake apocalypse by God at 4 AM morning, and it has a big number of cameo from the developer previous VNs. Go get the VN if you didn't mind the pixel art, and have fun.

I admit that at first I didn't look at Venus Blood Ragnarok favorably, mostly because it's the sequel of Frontier with the VN ended satisfyingly. That said, like Evenicle 2 my feeling can be changed, and so I'm look forward to the KS that Ninetail will do later. For Ragnarok itself, it's about the world after Loki united the world (Obviously with a lot of help from the tentacle). Five hundred years later, Loki was disappeared and Odin was passed away, so the political condition become chaotic with the faction that favor anyone with strong divine blood got rid anyone who have dominant demon blood, with one of those people is the MC Vali. Some times later, Vali met a boy who introduce himself as Loki, and Loki offer Vali his wealth of knowledge and tactic to help Vali which he accept. No idea when the KS will start, although most likely it'll be started around March when they released Venus Blood Hollow fandisc later.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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Recommended Comments

Ragnarok is decent, but it definitely falls a step behind Frontier story-wise.  Normally, in Venus Blood games, you are presented with a choice between Chaos and Law (more direct translation being Conquest and Rulership), with numerous available endings on either end.  However, Ragnarok is the first game to directly add in the 'Ruin' element to the story.  Certain choices in heroine scenarios are presented that can incur Ruin as well as Chaos or Law.  In order to get the Chaos path, you have to have a certain amount of Ruin, whereas the opposite is true of Law.  Sadly, if you fall short of either, you get a bad ending at the game's turning point.  

Ruin is generally incurred by choices that would 'break' the heroines (think of it as being similar to the Madness choices in Hypno/Hollow) past the standard 'turn to darkness' level.  

Generally speaking, the story of Ragnarok would be 'average' for the series as a whole, being better than Empire but falling short of Frontier or Hollow.  The gameplay is basically a slight update on Hollow's (and like all new VB games, whether it is an improvement is entirely subjective).  

Given a choice, I would probably skip to Lagoon, because it is just more interesting, but I suppose they have their reasons.

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@Clephas I said that I didn't think Ragnarok favorably, which obviously is because it's the sequel of the finished VN. That said, of course my feeling can change over time, just like Evenicle 2. It also interesting that Dualtail tried to add Ruin/Madness form into the story in Ragnarok, albeit at limited capacity. While you may think the story is not up to standard compared to Frontier (And admittedly it's the general problem in the sequels), gameplay wise Ragnarok is obviously has many QOL improvement compared to Frontier (If you want to chase S-Rank, and Frontier has tall order to got S-Rank in the first playthrough).

Anyway, my real reason writing this is to talk a bit about my word on Ninetail decision. While I also want to see them localize Lagoon and Saviour, I didn't mind if they localize Ragnarok first. That said, if you ask me which Venus Blood game that I want Ninetail to skip, it's obviously Brave. Then again, looking from the cameo Ninetail proably already decided to localize all Venus Blood games (After Frontier), so there's no other choice to wait until they done with the Kickstarter of their current VN done before moving on to more interesting VN (Especially Lagoon).

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