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Funbag Native Isekai Review



Welcome to the first VNTS Review in 2024, and once again Happy New Year. For the title, since we have Funbag Fantasy 4 update from Mangagamer, I figure may as well parodied the title by changing the word 'Fantasy' into 'Native Isekai' with 'Native Isekai' term is the meme that was happen when some people did mentioned fantasy anime as native isekai anime (Know Your Meme page on it), so we have 'Funbag Native Isekai' as the title. Anyway for the first week of 2024, that incident aside I suppose I can say that this is another plain week, although if anything else at least we have Mangagamer updates with some have some notable progress. Other than that, we also have the update from Daybreak and more importantly Committee of Zero finally reveal their progress on Chaos duology fandisc work. Overall, this week is almost below average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

For the very first fully translated VN released, we have Winter Memories release courtesy of Kagura Games. From what I see, it's the nukige with young boy MC have a lot of sex with his aunt and two older cousins, and also a simulation game. Also for some reason it has a lot of Steam player, although perhaps it may because it's available on Steam in the first place. We also have Bushiroad announce three VNs, with one of those, Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight, got the VN with the title Revue Starlight El Dorado. For Shoujo Kageki itself, from what I understand it's about all girls engage in a duel to earn the place where the winner will get one of the lead role in legendary play Starlight, with some dramatic moment in between (Sort of like the mix of Glass Mask and Lupercalia). Oh yes, I mention this because Frontwing will make the VN available in English, and they already have the exact release with said date will be August 8th later.

Finally Mangagamer gave us updates of their project at the start of 2024. As for their updates, currently we have Sex Open World at three quarter translated along with 70% edited, Dead Days is fully edited, Eve of December is fully translated along with 88% edited, Funbag Fantasy 4 is at 73% translated along with 71% edited, Rance 03 is at 65% translated, Rance X is at 72% translated, and Ixseal is at 71% translated along with 68% edited. That's all for Mangagamer's updates for the first week of 2024.

Daybreak has few things to mention, especially with on how the work for Yuzuki's patch is still ongoing. Speaking of Daybreak, we have Akagoei 3 is at 81.24% translated along with 4.7% edited. We also have ChuSingura progress, with the current progress is at 36.48% translated with the second route is at 55.6% translated. Like I say beforehand Committee of Zero revealed Chaos duology fandisk progress, and one of those is Chaos Child Love Chu Chu in which it's been fully translated along with past halfway (55.3%) edited. Of course there's also Chaos Head Love Chu Chu progress, in which currently it's at 70.54% translated along with 22.7% edited. For the info, both are more or less the fandisc of the duology, in which it's definitely far more lighter compared to the main game, although Chaos Child one still has some plot in there.  Also yeah GHS did already translate Chaos Child Love Chu Chu, although it won't be redundant here, because the team didn't translate the playthrough video, but instead they've been working hard on porting both fandisc into PC version, so at least we should be able to play both on PC if it's available later.

That's all for my VNTS Review here, and see you next week.


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