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Uchikano: Living with the Succubus Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (03/12/2023)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title since we have Mamiya Mami I decided to make reference to Uchikano (Another trilogy from Moonstone) by adding 'succubus' from 'Succubus Session' (The English name of trilogy with Mamiya Mami is the first part) in Uchikano English title, so we have 'Uchikano: Living with the Succubus' as the title, which to say is still fitting to a degree seeing the MC and Mami live in the dormitory. Anyway as for this week, the interesting news are come from Shiravune with the most , release is Mamiya Mami. Other than that, there's also some updates from Daybreak and also Kiminozo Remake release plan. Overall, I guess this week is a an average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Cherry Kiss did release their nukige, and for the premise it's about the MC who was sent to another world with his overpowered ability is only to make magical item, which is very useless in battle for the obvious reason. Obviously not cut out for the battle, the MC decided to make full use of his ability, although rather than making very useful item for the adventurers and the people in the other world, the MC instead make sex magical toys and make full use of it (Well it's nukige after all). Go get the VN if you want more short isekai nukige, and have fun. We also have Bakarina Pirate in which it's only available on Switch, and once again there's no GL route in case you're really hoping on it because the staffs decided to make it as full otome VN. Anyway the premise is about Bakarina who is lucky to avoid bad ending go into a cruise, and unfortunately she suddenly need to face new storyline that may give her the dreaded bad ending, so she decided to do her best to navigate the story while unknowingly attracted the new heroes at it. Go get Bakarina Pirate if you want more of her and have Switch, and have fun.

There's a fan who decided to translate a nukige called Oku-sama wa Moto Yariman 2022, although I didn't interested with it so I'll pass (Congratulation on the release though). We also have Tsuma Netori is at 85% edited and ChuSigura is at 33.88% translated. For Daybreak Translation, the most obvious update is obvious Akagoei 3 regular updates, in which currently it's at 72.63% translated. We also finally had Akagoei 2 progress resuming, with the current progress is at 60.92% in QA. Lastly, we have Ginharu update in which currently has Yuzuki's route finished its QA work, so currently the team preparing the final build while resolving the remaining problem (Date system bugs and linebreak problem) before finally manage to finally release Yuzuki's patch.

Unfortunately Amazing Grace release was delayed for some reason, which if we knew on how Usonatsu face the delay related to Steam it may be the same case. As for the new estimation release, it'll be in Q2 of 2024 (Between April to June later) although it's more likely a placeholder so we may see the release before June 30th. Speaking of release estimation, Shiravune just announce they'll release Nukitashi 2 in Q1 of 2024 (Between January to March), and they already open the Steam store for it. After several delay, we finally have the first part of Succubus Session Mamiya Mami release. I did mention that it's similar to Uchikano trilogy, although Succubus Session trilogy is like serial VN instead of alternative continuity like in Uchikano. For the whole trilogy, it's about the unlucky MC who has been picked to become the single male in order to allow succubus give birth, so naturally there'll be many sex, which in the first part will be with Mami. Shiravune also accidentally leaked they'll localize the second part, so we may have them reveal it in the future. Go get Mamiya Mami if you want succubus nukige with good looking graphic, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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