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Meikei no Leviathan Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (26/11/2023)

For this week, since we have Eustia leaked with the titular character was voiced by Nanjou Yoshino, I figure may as well make a reference of her second song in Stella Glow, Levia, by parodying Lupercalia full title, Meikei no Lupercalia, so I change 'Lupercalia' into 'Leviathan' with Levia is what I assume as the short for Leviathan, so we have 'Meikei no Leviathan' as the title. Anyway, this week biggest news is obviously Eustia's fully translated patch being leaked, although by fully translated I mean the patch still has no additional works done on it. Other than Eustia's leak, we have Mamiya sequel release along with two announcements which to say are not as interesting as Eustia leak. Overall, I guess this week is another almost interesting one like last week, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Currently we have Kiminozo Remake was fully funded, and the plan is to have Japanese version available in Spring 2024 later, which if we follow the anime schedule it will be between April to June. age also planned to add English version at the later date on the download version. Other than the release plan, age also mention that they'll cut the two ending that has come from their wild imagination in 2000's and cut one of the route for the English version, which to say may be able to gather some controversy had the route remained in English version. Then again, age probably need to preparing the Steam review with Valve can hand the ban randomly even though the publisher tried their best to fulfill Valve's term. Anyway as for what I can say, well good for Kiminozo fan now that they almost have their favorite VN in English even though WA2 which has similar premise is already available in English. Oh yes, turned out that we just assume that Craftwork will do English and Chinese simultaneous release for Geminism, because the VN itself didn't have both languages support yet, so yeah for now it's only available in Japanese.

Aniplex did list June 30th for Tsukihime Remake exact release date, although that date is obviously placeholder so that date might be the deadline to deliver the release, which mean it's quite likely we'll see Tsukihime Remake release within first half of 2024. Speaking of release estimation, we have Aksys announced they'll release Tengoku Struggle on April 2024 later. Cherry Kiss announced yet another small nukige, and this time the nukige has the title Manwhore Merchant: Breeding in Bulk with them will release it on 30th later. For Mamiya Doomsday Dream, from what I understand it's about a group on man who is live in Tokyo post apocalypse, and Doomsday here is supposed to resolve the cliffhanger from the prequel. Well go get Mamiya sequel if you want to play its conclusion, and have fun.

Shiravune announced their new license, although it's a nukige with the title Holy Slave Academy. The premise of the VN is we have the MC who is work as the teacher in a school to train the sex slave, which was made in order to allow the noble to have six sex slave. The MC here is not quite interested to just become the teacher in the academy, but instead he's far more interested to gaining high position in society so he'll do his best to train six heroines (After finding their weakness) and then exchange them to the very powerful noble. Note that this nukige is from 2006, so you may feel nostalgic after looking its art. Oh yes, Shiravune announce the release date estimation, and it'll be on Q1 of 2024 (Between January to March). Sekai also announce the release date, with they announce the exact release date for two of their VNs, Gakkou no Seiiki (December 15th) and Animal Trails 2 (December 18th), and I can only say that good for them to have less two backlog.

I knew a fan tried to translate PC98 version of Shizuku with Shizuku itself is very famous VN which establish denpa genre, although like Tsui no Sora Remake I'll just wait until significant progress. Speaking of Tsui no Sora Remake, the team has another update with the current update is at 79% translated along with past three quarter (76%) edited, and more importantly Yasuko's chapter has been fully translated and edited. For other fan translation updates, we have Tsuma Netori is fully translated along with three quarter edited, and Akagoei 3 is at 67.8% translated. Lastly, there's the aforementioned Eustia fully translated patch leak, and I said fully translated because it's what really is (As in only fully translated but still unedited and TLC-ed). While at first I think it's fine to just treat it as completed, turned out there are still few issues left in the leaked patch, such as line break, some audio issues, and more importantly untranslated line (Only 2 out of ~65,500 lines though). That said, if you already want to play Eustia ever since Taka-jun translated the trial 12 years ago and had the patience wearing thin after very long wait, then feel free to play with the leaked patch and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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