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Wisteria Labyrinth Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (10/12/2023)

Because we have both Sona-Nyl and Fate/Extra CCC released with the latter opening song title is Sakura Labyrinth, I make the parody of it by changing 'Sakura' into 'Wisteria' with Wisteria is Sona-Nyl ending song title, so we have 'Wisteria Labyrinth' as the title. As for this week, first of all it has some new releases that people has been looking forward to, so theoretically this week should be interesting. That said, I'm not exactly looking forward into Fate/Extra CCC seeing that it's one of the spin-off (Read: milking) for Fate series, and turned out Sona-Nyl has the problem as the result of the porting. Other than the releases, we have Shiravune being active on this week again even with Amazing Grace release is delayed. Overall, this week is an average one to me, and let's see what I can write about it.

After waiting for seven years ever since Mangagamer announced it, finally we have them released Sona-Nyl. The reason of why it took very long time to release is because they decided to go all out by combining the PC version and console version contents while also adapted additional webnovel into the VN. Unfortunately, there's some problem with the release, because Mangagamer did port this to the other engine and we know that any VNs that has porting work tend to be buggy. Problematic release aside, in Sona-Nyl we have two women, Elysia and Lily, stumbled upon 1907 New York with it is the Ground Zero for the disaster five years ago, and then both of them tried to survive the abandoned New York which turned out is infested with monster. Forgot to mention Sona-Nyl is part of Steampunk series, which mean the setting is the alternative New York with the underground realm that has eternal purple sky. Go get Sona-Nyl if you've been waiting for it, and have fun.

This week we have Shiravune announced two new title, with one of those is the original Dungeon Travelers with the same gameplay as the sequel but instead the female are based on To Heart 2 heroines that Ittaku translated. No idea if we may see Shiravune get the license for To Heart 2 in the future or not, but I know that Shiravune will release Dungeon Travelers on next Valentine (February 14th later). The second announcement is a redundant NTR VN that has been available in English since 2021 with the fan translation, although in this case actually you'll do NTR in order to save the heroine who is the victim of domestic abuse. Said VN will be available sometimes on 2024 with Shiravune use the new translation. We also have Shiravune finally announced the new exact release date for Shukusei no Girlfriend, with the new date is on 14th later. Speaking of release date, turned out SukeraSomero has the plan to release their newest GL VN, Lip Trip, simultaneously in four languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean and English), and said date will be on February 22nd later.

In regard of Fate/Extra CCC, I only understand that it's the sequel of Fate/Extra with the gameplay is RPG instead of VN, and we have new story with the MC is basically self-insert with you can chose the gender just like in Pokemon. That, and Sakura play a big role in the game along with it's only for PSP and PSV. Well go try the game if you're being Fate franchise fan, and have fun. For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Kusarihime update with the current progress is 122 out of 253 script files are edited, ChuSingura s at 34.40% translated, Tsuma Netori is almost fully edited at 95% done, and Akagoei 3 is past three quarter (76.77%) translated. Turned out Sekai also has update for ReLord 3, and currently they're scheduling it so it may be their next release after Animal Trail 2.

Last but not least, we have Nekonyan open the Steam store for Tenshi Reboot, and we also has the release month listed in there, which will be in next month (January 2024). That said, it may be just the placeholder for now, so keep in mind the release time may be change, especially with how long Valve review process can be.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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