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Liminal Nine 1st Episode: Hina Yorozuya Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (19/11/2023)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title because both Nine and Criminal Border have same writer and director, I made parody of Nine title by adding 'Liminal' from Liminal Border (Criminal Border English title), so we have 'Liminal Nine' as the title. Also I made the subtitle for each part heroine just like Nine, and the heroine for the first part of Criminal Border is Hina Yorozuya, hence the subtitle. As for this week, the biggest release is obviously Lupercalia following with Hira Hira Hihiru and Criminal Border first part. Other than those three, we also got several other release, but to me those releases are not as interesting as Lupercalia, although some may be think Hirahira Hihiru is a nice VN. Overall this week is almost interesting one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Sekai just released Anima Trail FD, and I can only say that it should be good if you want more good looking magical girls heroines that can turn into the animal tried to do their best in their idol job (At least it's good to see that Sekai backlog decreasing again). age released Muv Luv Teito Muyo, and I only know that it's the prequel of Muv Luv Total Eclipse. That, and also the translator is Daybreak translator who at first got his Schwarzesmarken (Another MLA side story) project was C&D-ed by age, so good for the translator he got the chance to officially translate one of age VN. For Hira Hira Hihiru, once again it's about Japan in Taisho era suffer a disease that caused people to become zombie. Apparently the reception is quite good, so feel free to try if you're interested.

We have two new VN from the new publisher, and the first one is Knight Case File with the premise is about the male knight who was tasked to investigate the circumstance involving a female alchemist and fake duke daughter. No much info I can dig other than it'll be available on January 2024 later. The second one is Shinjuku Soumei in that we have known name working on it, Kataoka Tomo (Narcissu's writer) and Sumeragi Kohaku (Nanairo Reincarnation's artist). The premise is about the MC who can hear voice of the dead because he store his soul somewhere else had done his job, namely do the dangerous funeral, which obviously mean it'll have supernatural element. In case you want to play it, you may wait until the release on February 2024 later. In case you've been waiting for new GL VN from sprite (Everlasting Flowers), it's mentioned that it'll be released on June 27th later so you can note the date if you want to play it later.

Actually besides released Criminal Border, Shiravune also announced their new license, although it's not what people look forward into much. Said new license is Kagura Genesis Kuon Story, in which it's the VN from Debo no Su with them usually have the shrine maiden MC fighting the monster with the penalty is that the MC will be raped if she lost, and looking from Kuon it seems no much difference from their usual series. By the way it's still in developed, so if you're looking forward to it you can wait until the release date which will be on January 26th later. For Criminal Border itself, it's about out MC Itsuki who spent his time to make MAD (The name of AMV in Japan). One day Itsuki somehow make a AMV that can aroused anyone else who watch it, and he decided to show it to his childhood friend Rin. Little did Itsuki know back then that Rin has brilliant idea to sell it in the underworld, and Itsuki slowly but surely dragged into the criminal world. For the info, I still say that you may need to get used to the art, especially if you've been getting used to usual Purple Software art. Anyway go get first part of Criminal Border if you're interested, and have fun.

We also have two fan translation releases beside Lupercalia, although both are just either small VN that was released by Shinzou Translation (Rinkaiten no Azrael) or nukige (Oku-sama wa Moto Yariten), so both are overshadowed by Lupercalia (Feel free to try though if you're interested). For the rest of the update, we have Akagoei 3 is at 66.13% translated, ChuSingura is at 33.5% translated, Tsui no Sora Remake is past three quarter (76%) translated along with 63% edited, Tsuma Netori is almost fully translated at 95% translated, and Sora's route of Yosuga no Sora is fully edited with overall is at 64% edited.

Almost forgot to mention that Nekonyan actually has been working on Tenshi Reboot ever since it was announced, and now we have it in QA alongside Irotoridori, which mean that all of the translation and editing work should already be at 100%. Speaking of working on, turned out that in 10 months the translator of Lupercalia has been busy with juggling time left him exhausted from the hard work, especially when he's been working on Lupercalia by himself (Which explain that some of the translation can be quite rough for some people). Anyway as for Lupercalia itself, it's about the MC Tamaki who initially scouted by a theater group to do some acting. Although with he has some trauma with acting, he decided to take the job of directing and at least he manage to show his capability on that. It should be mentioned that since this is a VN about theater naturally there are some dramatic scene, and thus the characters did have their own skeleton in the closet. Lupercalia here is one of well received VN from 2021, so if you're interested and didn't mind the dramatic scene (Enhanced by the voice act directing that can be quite impactful) then feel free to try it and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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