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Full Score of Salvation Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (12/11/2023)

Because we have Amazing Grace exact release date announced while we also have Shuuen no Virche released, I make a parody of Detective Conan 12th movie, Full Score of Fear, by changing 'Fear' into 'Salvation' from Shueen no Virche full title (Shuuen no Virche -ErroR:salvation-), so we have 'Full Score of Salvation' as the title. Oh yes, I made Conan 12th movie parody because the Amazing Grace song was prominently featured in there. From what I see this week, we have several number exact release date announcement along with several releases, although ironically enough I did find that the release date announcements are more interesting. Overall this week is a slightly above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Mangagamer released Higurashi Hou+, in which it's obviously the expansion pack of the original Higurashi outside Console Arcs. As for which arcs that are featured, those are Outbreak (The alternative situation where Hinamizwa was fully quarantined), Kamikashimashi (The sequel of Outbreak), Hinamizawa Bus Stop (The pilot version of Higurashi), and Mehagashi (Fan service chapter that originally released as the bonus of infamous Gou Blue-Ray collection). Honestly speaking all of those are more or less extra materials, although feel free to get Higurashi Hou+ if you want more Higurashi and have fun. Mangagamer also announce their future release, and this time it's Sona-Nyl in that it's been seven years since Mangagamer announced it on Otakon 2016. In case you've been waiting for seven years to play it in English, you can wait until December 7th later because Mangagamer will release it at that date.

Idea Factory is about to release Symphaty Kiss on February 27th next year, and Aksys also do the same with Death Mark 2 with said release date is on February 15th. We also have Aksys relese their VN, with the VN is the aforementioned Shuuen no Virche. Said VN is about the female MC who live in the cursed land that has limited the age expectancy to only exactly at 23 years old, so mankind tried their best to prolong their live through Memory Download, which consist of the human transfer their memories to the new body after their old bodies reach 23 years old and dying. The female MC herself is infamous with her calling as Grim Reaper with anyone who interact with her will encounter bad luck, although by some luck she manage to have romance with one of the heroes. Go get Shuuen no Virche if you want to play dark otome VN and have Switch, and also if you've been interested with it.

Aniplex planned to release Hira Hira Hihiru on three days later (17th), so you can note the date if you're interested with it. Sekai also has an update, and said update is in regard of Nekonin Spin with them just starting the translation work on it. For fan translation updates, we have ChuSingura is at 33.39% translated, Tsuma Netori is at 90% translated, and Akagoei 3 is at 65.39% translated.

Lastly, we have several updates from Shiravune with them did manage to release Kuroinu 2 on time, and once again it's more or less the same with Kuroinu 1 except with different MC. That said, Kuroinu 2 MC (Derek) certainly will working hard to living up the reputation of Kuroinu 1 MC, Vult, to the dismay of nine heroines because it'll be involving Derek raping all of the heroines using any way that he could. Go get Kuroinu 2 if you're in the mood of playing dark nukige with war story, and have fun. Shiravune also has announced the exact release date for two of their VN, with them finally have the release date for Mamiya Mami with said date is on December 1st, and last but not the least we have the exact release date for Amazing Grace with it will be a week after Mamiya Mami release date (December 8th).

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and I know that I miss some updates so I'll talk about those missing updates on my next VNTS Review. See you next week.

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