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The Colorful Lie Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (05/11/2023)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Usonatsu released after slight delay along with Irotoridori Steam store opened, I'd make parody of the English title of Irotoridori (The Colorful World) by changing 'World' into 'Lie' (Translation note: Uso mean lie), so we have 'The Colorful Lie' as the title. For this week, it has some releases with the biggest one is Usonatsu, although ultimately all of those are on smaller side so this week is overall a below average one. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

A fan did show some interest with old horror VN, and in order to show the interest said fan decided to translate Dead of the Brain in which it's released in 1992 with the premise is  the MC must do his best to survive in a world full of zombie. Feed free to try the VN if you're in mood for some old VN, although it's only playable in PC-98 (At least there's emulator of it). For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Tsuma Netori is at 80% translated, Akagoei 3 is at 60.91% translated, Fate/Extra CCC aiming Christmas release for their full translation patch, ChuSingura is at 32.70% translated, and Tsui no Sora Remake is at 67% translated along with 56% edited (Additionally Yasuko's chapter is at halfway translated).

Fakku has announced two VNs, Two Beasts or Not to Beast and Forbidden Ward. What I can comment about those two title is that the former has beastwomen heroines with the MC need to endure the teasing from his step-sister and step-mother, while the latter has hospital setting. I could less care about those two new announcements, but I guess those two new title may be interesting for some. Ninetail successfully do the KS for Venus Blood Hollow fandisc, and they managed to gather around 4 million yen.

Shiravune manage to released Tenioha feat. Mami on time, and have fun if you interested to play nukige featuring older heroine. They also planned to release new Waffle VN on December 15th later, and they also has new release estimation for Mamiya Mami in that the new release time would be Q1 2024 (January to March) later. Sekai has two new VNs with the update 'Waiting on approvals', and those two VNs are Gakkou no Seiiki and Animal Trail 2, which mean those two VNs are almost ready to be released.

Lastly, we have Sekai manage to release Usonatsu after a brief delay. For Usonatsu itself, it's obviously GL VN with the premise is the MC Kaoru has been heartbroken by her teacher in the middle school with she encounter her classmate Shiori. After the encounter, Kaoru was asked by Shiori to help Shiori move on from her late brother death. After some times, both of them going out, with their relationship got more hectic with Riku who turned out harbors her feeling for Kaoru. Another thing to comment is that the graphic is very good looking, in which the developer proved they manage to make good graphic like back in Sound of Sea and Fatal Twelve. Go get Usonatsu if you want GL VN with nice graphic, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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