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Blue-Eyes Silver Dragoon Review



As for this week title, because we have Gears of Dragoon 2 released last week and Ginka released in this week with 'gin' in the titular heroine name mean 'silver' and she herself has blue eyes, I decided to make a parody of Yu-Gi-Oh card Red-Eyes Dark Dragoon which is quite infamous in OCG by changing 'Red-Eyes Dark' into 'Blue-Eyes Silver, so we have 'Blue-Eyes Silver Dragoon' (I don't know though if Konami will make that card as the main support for Blue-Eyes archetype in the future). In regard of this week, what I can say is that we have a number of releases, such as Aquarium and Ginka. Besides the releases, we also have age started Kiminozo crowdfund, and more importantly finally Irotoridori entering QA work. Overall, I guess this week is an average one, and so let's see what I can write in regard of it.

It seems that Valve in the mood for being obstructive, so unfortunately Sekai need to delay Usonatsu release just like Shukusei no Girlfriend delay with the main reason is that Valve still not accepted the build that Sekai submit to them. That said, at least Sekai currently do some scheduling work for Animal Trails FD, in which it's almost certain that it'll be their next release. We also have Shiravune manage to release Taimanin Asagi which thankfully not delayed, and other than it's good to see available on Steam after being banned once no much to say besides that it's redundant release because we already have the fan translation of it since 2008, although then again it may worth to get Steam version seeing that the translation may be better compared to the older one.

PQube released Archetype Arcadia back on 24th, and from what I see it's about a world where the disease afflicted the world with the only safe place is inside the virtual reality game, so obviously our MC decided to do full dive in order to be safe from the disease and also to save his sister who already been afflicted by the disease. Other than premise, what I know is that it's quite underrated with some didn't like on how the story goes, and also it's quite lengthy. We also have Aquarium with the VTuber Minato Aqua become the main heroine, and in Aquarium we going to have the MC who is a noble heir managed to have the romance with his maid Minato Aqua. I also should mention that both are also available on Steam, which is good if you only have PC, and more importantly want to know if there would be PC version for those seeing that initially there's no announced Steam version, which might be because they'd wait for Valve to accept the build.

From fan translation, we have Shin Koihime Musou is at 68% edited, Tsuma Netori is at three quarter translated along with 70% proofreading, ChuSingura is at 32.32% translated, and Akagoei 3 is at 59.03% translated. We also have Shangrlia 2 translation patch release, and I only know it's very old gameplay VN that was released in 1993. Daybreak Translation announced the winner of their next project poll, and the winner is Tsujidou Virgin Road which not too surprising seeing that Trip teased it before scrap the plan along with Daybreak continuing Ginharu after Trip quit at two thirds translated. The Daybreak translator also announced he worked on Muv Luv Total Eclipse QA, which apparently is because there's many error in the initial translation and age ask the help to do QA work. Speaking of age, they started the crowdfund for their Kiminozo remake, and so far it's going well with the current progress is at 65% funded with 61 days left, which is really good if we consider that the crowdfund is started on 27th.

We also have Sekai no Subete release, although to be honest I didn't pay much attention to it other than I knew it's been banned on Steam for some unknown reasons. The premise of the story is about the MC who came back into his hometown after eight years in Tokyo and find himself there's no place for him, at least until the MC meet with the girl from the music club which in turn made the MC think that he's not the only one who think like that. Go get Sekai no Subete if you're in the mood to playing the VN with the art from beginning 2000's anime (The VN is from way back in 2002), and have fun. Oh yes, there's also Hana Awase Switch version only release, while as for Mangagamer version that has PC version it's still unknown when they'll release it.

Last but not the least is obviously Ginka release, but before going to that I'll mention that Nekonyan finally do the QA work for Irotoridori while also open the Steam store of it, which mean the time for its release is almost close, so good for Nekonyan to have their beloved VN almost ready for the release after several years of working and obstacle, especially with Irotoridori is the reason why they formed the translation group (As Shinku Translation) in the first place. Anyway for Ginka itself it's about Ryuusei who live in Himejima lost his childhood friend Ginka, and thus he decided to move from Himejima in order to move on. Five years later when Ryuusei came back to Himejima, he encounter the girl who looks like Ginka from five years ago and forgotten everything (Including her own name), and yet the girl still remember on how she like Ryuusei. Seeing no choice, Ryuusei decided to help Ginka in order to have her catch up with the present. Go get Ginka if you've been waiting for it, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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