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Nightmare x Archfiend Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (22/10/2023)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and because we have Nightmare x Vampire being released by Mangagamer, I figure that I should make the parody of one older Alicesoft VN, Little Vampire, by making it as 'Nightmare x Archfiend', because Little Vampire is about Miki who turned into the Demon King of Rance world (Translated as Archfiend by Mangagamer) with Kentarou only could tried his hardest to keep Miki's impulse in check. Anyway as for this week, well it definitely came as quite interesting compared to the last two weeks with Gears of Dragoon 2 releases. That said, it's quite unfortunate that Shukusei no Girlfriend release was delayed for unknown reason. Overall this week is a slightly above average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Cherry Kiss released their ghost girl nukige, and no much to say other than have fun if you've been interested with it. Speaking about nukige, Mangagame released the aforementioned Nightmare x Vampire with the premise is we have vampire girl Rei who at first have some sort of rivalry with Setsuba before finally both of them befriended each other and working together in regard of fighting the demon, which of course both of them will suffer being captured by the demon before got raped by several people. Anyway with now Nightmare x Vampire being available in English, there only two game left to have all five Nightmare VNs available in English. Go get Nightmare x Vampire if you want to play it because of the good looking graphic while didn't mind rape, and have fun. We also have Mangagamer announced the exact release date for Higurashi Hou+ (Which apparently contain the new arc), and said exact date will be on November 9th later.

For some reason Shiravune delayed their Shukusei no Girlfriend for unknown reasons, although it might be related to Steam approval of the build. No much to say here other than hopefully the delay won't be too long here. Speaking of approval, turned out that Animal Trails FD is almost ready to be released by Sekai with the latest update is they've been waiting for approvals. For the rest of Sekai's update, we have Yumeiro is fully translated along with 35% edited, Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade is at three quarter translated along with 35% edited, Rewrite Harvest Festa is at 40% edited, Gakkou no Seiiki is at 20% in QA, and lastly they already have exact release date for Usonatsu in which it'll be on 24th later (ie tomorrow). For fan translation updates, we have Kud Wafter 18+ is at 58.1% translated, Tsuma Netori is at 60% proofreading, Haruka na Sora is at 80% done for both translation and TLC work, Yosuga no Sora is at 62% edited, and Tsui no Sora Remake is at 60% translated along with past halfway (55%) edited.

age decided to delay the crowdfund for Kiminozo Remake with the new date is at 27th, in which they may delay it in order to fully prepared the crowdfund. Speaking of crowdfund, turned out Ninetail also planned to localize Venus Blood Dark Chronicle Volume 1 with the sex scenes featuring both Julia and Liese, and they already start the Kickstarter with the result is they already successful with it currently gather 2.6 million yen with the initial goal is only 1.2 million yen, and in case you're waiting for the release it's estimated that it'll be available on March 2024 later. Last but not the least, JAST have released Ninetail VN Gears of Dragoon 2. For the premise, once again it's about the MC who want to fulfill his late father wish by conquering a huge dungeon, although it won't be easy to do it alone so he gather several female companions (And have sex with them while at it). Go get Gears of Dragoon 2 if you've been interested with it because of dungeon crawling gameplay, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - Forgot to mention that Visual Arts delayed Lunaria release (Presumably because they still need to do build work of it), and for the new release time they'll try to release it within next year (2024).

Edited by littleshogun


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