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Flame of Kanon Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (01/10/2023)

Since we have Secret Agent released with one of the heroine, Kanon, being a big ninja fan with her favorite anime is about a ninja who does his best to rescue his princess, I decided to parodied the old anime with same premise (Flame of Recca, although Yanagi here is not exactly the typical princess who live in the castle) with I changing 'Recca' into 'Kanon', which should goes without saying that ensemble didn't make Kanon have fire superpower as cool as it would be lol. Anyway as for this week, it definitely far more interesting compared to the last week seeing that there's several releases compared to the last week. Other than releases, we finally have Mangagamer post their updates with several big progress on their project. Overall, this week is an interesting one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

We have two releases from fan translation, although both releases are small one. The first is from Shinzou Translation with the said release is Rabbit Heart, and from what I saw it's like Toy Story with the MC is somehow reborn as stuffed rabbit with six years old girl bought the stuffed toy. The second release is Yuuwaku aka Temptation, and in here we have the MC as the former police detective become the private eye who also got quite a number of weakness ((Drinking, smoking, gambling, women) got a request to investigate the missing painting, and he'll do so while gaining the clues by romancing several women (Forgot to mention that Yuuwaku is an old VN with it's first released in 1995). For the updates, we have Fate/Extra CCC was fully edited and currently in testing, Kud Wafter 18+ version past halfway (53.51%) translated, and Tsuma Netori is at 65% edited.

For Mamiya Mami, seeing that the sequel was leaked early, it seems that Shiravune may decided to wait until the sequel is accepted by Steam, so obviously it saw indefinite delay until further notice. If anything else, at least they have two nukige will released in this month (Asagi on 27th and Tenioha feat. Mami on 30th), even though to be frank those two nukige are not what I can call as their bigger release even with Asagi is formerly banned in Steam. We also have Fruitbat announce their VN after several times, and said VN is Mamiya Doomsday Dreams with the release date is on November 21st later. The VN itself is the final part of their previously released Mamiya, making Mamiya here become duology (That, and Mamiya itself is an underrated VN).

In case you've been waiting for BL VNs with heaven and hell theme naming, there's some good news in regard of it with JAST Blue currently do QA work for both of Paradise and Hell Academy. Not my most favorite updates, but at least there's some progress in their backlog. Speaking of backlog, we finally have Mangagamer revealed the updates on their backlog with the most prominent one is we finally have both of Raillore and Sona-Nyl finished the testing, so perhaps we may have those two VNs released in this year. For the rest of the updates, we have Rance X big progress (70.5% translated), Eve of December is at 96% translated along with 47.5% edited, Funbag Fantasy 4 is at 66% translated along with 63% edited, Dead Days is fully translated along with 88.5% edited, Rance 03 is past halfway translated (55%) along with 41% edited, Sex Open World both passed halfway translated and edited (56% and 51% respectively), and Ixseal is also the same with 61% translated and 58% edited. Lastly, we have Mangagamer will release another Nightmare VN (Nightmare x Vampire) on 19th later.

Last but not the least, we have Nekonyan released Secret Agent back on September 29th. For Secret Agent, it's the first ensemble VN that is available in English, although the MC (Jin) here is not being trap like most of their VNs (At least it still has good art). The premise is we have Jin who is the member of the ninja clan that has been there since Edo era, and he was tasked to infiltrate the high class academy in order to find the lead to resolve a big incident. In the academy, he met Kanon who soon knew that Jin is the ninja. Seeing that Jin identity supposed to be secret, he ask Kanon to keep Jin's identity as the secret, and then Kanon agree with one condition that she'll get the ninja training from Jin because Kanon herself is a big ninja fan. Anyway, with this ensemble VN available in English, hopefully we may have the other VNs with trap MC. Go get Secret Agent if you've been waiting for it, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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