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Morada Days Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/10/2023)

Because we have Cerulean Days OELVN released by Nekonyan way back on September 12th along with we have Sona-Nyl finished the testing, I decided to make the parody of Cerulean Days by changing 'Cerulean' into 'Morada' from Sona-Nyl opening song title (Rosa Morada), so we have 'Morada Days' as the title which in English it roughly mean 'Violet Days'. Anyway, welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week I'm going bluntly say that it's kind of plain with no notable release along with the we only have the announcement on several nukige, although at least we have several exact release date announcement from Shiravune. Anyway, let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

After some times with no updates, finally we have some updates on ChuSingura with it currently is at 31.92% translated. Alka Translation also show that they can work on Kud Wafter weekly, with it's current progress on the 18+ version of it is at 58.1% translated. Lastly we have somewhat big updates on Tsuma Netori, in which at this week we have it 70% edited with the proofreading work is already reach halfway mark. Cherry Kiss announce another nukige will be released on 20th later, and said nukige is called Ghost Girl Ghussy: XXXL Version with them manage to have funny description despite that the premise is just a middle-age man who find the comfort in a ghost girl with big breast with both of them will have a lot of sex (Being nukige and all). Feel free to note the VN if you have interest with it.

Ninetail announce they'll do the Kickstarter for both Venus Blood Mini Fandisc Volume 3 and 4 (Focused on Julia and Liese of Venus Blood Hollow respectively), although they still didn't give the info other than announcement in their Venus Blood Gaia Kickstarter newest update (The link to the update). To be frank not what I'm interested with seeing that it would be nice to have either Ragnarok or Lagoon when it come to their next Kickstarter, but I suppose they need to take a break after their recent big release (Gaia). Lastly, we have the aforementioned exact release date announcement from Shiravune, in which we'll going to have Shukusei no Girlfriend released on 19th later and Kuroinu 2 on November 7th. Oh yes, they also just announce their new title today, although I'll talk about it next week.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week and sorry if it's quite short here. See you next week.

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