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Tokeijikake no Rakuen Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (13/11/2022)

Like back at my last VNTS Review when Tokeijikake Daybreak released, once again I decided to make parody of one of Grisaia VN and obviously it's Grisaia no Rakuen. The reason is simply because Rakuen here is the last part of Grisaia trilogy and Tokeijikake Morning Mist here is also the last part of the trilogy, so we have 'Tokeijikake no Rakuen' as this week VNTS Review title. Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review and compared to the last week this time it's obviously an active one with several releases and new project announcements, although of course there's still some usual updates. Overall I can say that this is an interesting week, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

I knew that 4chan did cover Soukoku no Arterial, but there's a reason on why I didn't mention it until now. Namely that it's been MTL-ed just like Amayui duology (And confirmed by the translator himself), thus obviously cause a bit of complicated issue (At least I'm very certain that the translations are better compared to old narration patch that I used to play Arterial). For Arterial itself, it's easier to say it as the Eushully's attempt to make card game VN with the rules are quite deep compared to other known card game VN, so at least you can try it if you're into card game like Yu-Gi-Oh. Story wise we have Eushully decided to write about modern Japan instead of their usual fantasy setting, and in Arterial there'll be a lot of people trapped into another world with the people will search a way to possibly going back into their previous world. Go get the patch here if you want to play Arterial and didn't mind that it's MTL patch, and have fun.

For fan translation updates, we have Yosuga no Sora is at 66% TLC-ed, Senmomo is at 77.27% edited with Chapter 6 is at 24% edited, Chronos is at halfway edited, WA2 Mini After Story last route has been nearly fully edited, Mio's route of Walkure Romanze is at 70% translated along with 30% edited, H2O is at 42.2% translated with Hinata's route is at 24.8% translated, and Eustia is at 98.67% in programming with Licia's chapter is at 92.94% in programming. We also have Kusarihime was fully translated with the translator will doing TLC and editing work before release it, and the translator already announced the new project with the goal to translate underrated VN Umi kara Kuru Mono. Speaking of underrated VN, Senmomo also announced their new project to translate Yui no Kotonoha with some substantial works are already done. I'm kind of wish that they'd pick more well known VNs, but I understand that some translators have their own preference (I'll try to write more about those two VNs later).

Since Sugar Sweet Temptation editing work is still not finished yet, Love Lab decided to make a new release estimation in which it'll be January 2023 later. At least they're almost ready to release Maid for Loving You soon. Speaking of release, we have Hokejo release with the group who release it is the newer group, so obviously the older Hokejo project here should be treated as dead and it'll be a redundant release if the older group somehow release the full translation patch later. As for Hokejo itself, it's a kinetic VN with the writer is also did wrote Hoshimemo and thus it's logical to have supernatural element here. It should also be mentioned that Hokejo here is the first part of the serial VN, and in here we'll be focused on the MC Sora assistant Shirabana who accompany Sora in his work as school counselor along with taking care of spiritual matter. Go get Hokejo's translation patch (The link) if you've been interested with it for a while, and have fun.

Before going to Morning Mist release, let me do the round up of the updates that Sekai have. For the ypdates, we have Nie no Hakoniwa is at 90% translated along with 10% edited, Amairo Chocolata 2 is at 80% in QA, and Sheol is at 10% edited. We also have Sekai announce that they'll have Hoshimemo Eternal Heart coming into Steam soon, so obviously it should be the good news for Hoshimemo fans who've been waiting for the fandisc here. As for Morning Mist release, I should say that Sekai here definitely do a good job considering that we only need to wait in less than eight months instead of 51 months, although to be fair they already resolved all of the problematic engine. Morning Mist here is obviously the finale of Tokeijikake trilogy here, and in here the MC will do his best to do the investigation in regard of the incident that surrounding the school. Go get Morning Mist if you've been waiting for Tokeijikake finale, and have fun.

Last but not the least is we have JAST released Gore Screaming Show aka GSS, and according to Moogy it's been touted as kamige (Never mind that the term itself is quite subjective on it's own) way back when it's been released in 2006 (His tweet in regard of it). As for the premise, we have our MC Kyouji who came back to his hometown and live with his mother's cousin. In there he met with mysterious beautiful girl Yuka who've been accompanied by the inexplicable figure (The titular Gore), and said encounter mark the end of peaceful day for Kyouji because from now on he'll encounter a lot of madness and despair. It should be noted that while the title did indicate that there'll be a lot of gore, there's a reason on why people did touted this as kamige back in 2006, although that said there's still some disturbing scenes to watch out. Go get GSS if you've been curious about it or just want to play another horror VN with good looking Ueda Metawo's arts (That still nice even after 16 years old), and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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