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Towa's Bizarre Adventure: Mithril is Unbreakable Review




Visual Novel Translation Status (20/11/2022)

Since Slow Damage MC (Towa) VA is also Josuke's VA from Jojo Part 4 (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable), I may as well made some Jojo reference here by obviously change 'Jojo' with 'Towa', so we have 'Towa's Bizzare Adventure' here. As for 'Mithril', it's from Soukoku no Arterial in that it has the setting that the major company in the game has been produced mithril as their main source of income, so I'd change 'Diamond' into 'Mithril' thus we have the full title for this week VNTS Review as 'Towa's Bizarre Adventure: Mithril is Unbreakable'. As for this week, while it's not as interesting as last week at least it still has several release announcements along with some releases so overall it's not too bad here. That said though, this week is more or less an average one even with Mangagamer new title announcements. Anyway, let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

JAST did release Slow Damage back on 14th, and it's obviously BL VN so it's not my interest here. That said though, I'll try to summarize the premise here. The premise goes like we have our MC Towa who live in a casino resort that soon known to high number of crimes that happen in said city. Our Towa here has the hobby to paint the human desire, or more specifically the moment before said desire urges break free from the constraints. Obviously such hobby can lead into death, seeing that some desire can also involving desire to harm or to kill which doubly dangerous in the city full of crimes. Even so, Towa here would willing to die for the sake of the arts. Of course seeing that it's Nitroplus VN along with the dark setting and the MC's desire, it should goes without saying that Slow Damage here is a dark VN. Go get Slow Damage if you want some BL VN with handsome men along with good (And dark) story, and have fun.

Mangagamer released Nightmare x Sisters. As for the premise we have our female MC Setsuna who work as the nun/exorcist has her sister Yuka who also Setsuna's partner get kidnapped by a cult in one of her job to exorcist the demon, and so Setsuna ask the help from her male childhood friend who is the obvious stand in for male MC. Obviously seeing that it's nukige, it's inevitable that Setsuna would suffer a lot of rape because turned out the cult want to keep raping the sisters for their own purpose. I did find that the arts are quite good, so hopefully Mangagamer will localize the rest of Nightmare series if possible. Go get Nightmare x Sisters if you want to play some nukige with a lot of rape, and have fun. Oh yes Mangagamer also announced their next release on December 15th later, although unfortunately it's not Rance IX but instead it's just Hentai Public Service.

Last week Love Lab said that they'll release Maid for Loving You soon, and turned out by soon they mean that it'll be released on 25th later. For the roundup of fan translation updates, we have Chronos is at 55% edited, Senmomo is at 77.91% edited with Chapter 6 is at 31.66% edited, ChuSingura is at 15.79% translated, and H2O is at 45.6% translated with Hinata's route is at 42.1% translated. We also have quite big updates from Yosuga no Sora translation team, although from what I see it's more or less about on how they're already finished the work for two routes (Common and Kazuha) in Yosuga no Sora. They also reveal the exact number of Haruka na Sora progress, in which currently we have it at 66% translated along with 41% TLC-ed and 1% edited.

Sekai released Eternal Heart in which as we known it's Hoshimemo FD, and with the release the wait is finally done to anyone else who've been waiting for this. It come with a problem though, namely that it can't change to Window mode so you can only play this in Full Screen mode. Anyway in FD obviously we'll going to have the after stories for all of the heroines, with the highlight of the FD goes into Mare and the secret heroine after stories because from what I hear it's where the meat of the FD goes. Go get Eternal Heart if you want to see more Hoshimemo, and have fun. Seeing that Sekai released HD version with the mode changing bugged, I hope that Nekonyan can avoid the bug when they release Irotoridori HD later. Speaking of Nekonyan, they'll release their next release Aokana EXTRA2 on December 16th later so you can note the date if you want to see more Misaki (For the reminder EXTRA2 is Misaki's FD).

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

Edit (21/11) - Mangagamer announced two new title in NYC, although I'll talk more about it in the next VNTS Review so I'll just brief it now. The first announcement is the second part of Nightmare series (Well I get what I wished in regard of Mangagamer will localize the rest of the series) called Nightmare x Onmyoji, and the second announcement is one of minori VN 12 no Tsuki no Eve or if you prefer English title is Eve of the 12th Month (Don't ask me why Mangagamer didn't just called it as Eve of December) with the current progress is at 88% translated along with 5% edited.

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