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Hyouko Screaming Show Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (06/11/2022)

As for this week title, since we've about to have Gore Screaming Show (GSS) release in a week along with a big update in regard of Lupercalia, I'd change the word 'Gore' with 'Hyouko' so we have 'Hyouko Screaming Show'. The reason is because in Lupercalia we have a theater actress Hyouko recite her lines, and she recite it by screaming so yeah it's literally the screaming show (The video of Hyouko recite her lines). Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week compared to the last week it's slightly calm here with several updates in which some of those are quite interesting on it's own with some releases. That said though I didn't find the releases are quite interesting, so overall this week is more or less an average one. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

artlink released Obedient Women in that it's quite an ironic title seeing that all of the heroines are involved with adultery. What I can understand is the developer decided to make ten stories with ten MCs and ten heroines, and that currently four of those stories are available in English with the rest six will probably released at later date. At least the art is quite serviceable I guess, which should be given for a nukige. Speaking of nukige, Cherry Kiss released Hypno Mama with the premise is the MC hypnotized his bully's mother as a form of revenge. It also come of with English dub for some reasons, so you can listen to the English dub in case you're somehow want to. Oh yes we also have Fakku released Sei Yariman, and I can only say that Obedient Women has better arts when it come to the heroines design (Go get the VN though if you want to play it).

JAST did announce that they'll release Slow Project on 14th later. Even though it's another Nitroplus VN, I would say that I prefer them to release Tokyo Necro simply because Slow Damage is BL VN and it's not my taste here. That said though, I understand that some BL VNs like Hashihime or Lamento are quite well received with Slow Damage here is the same, so in case you've been looking forward to play some interesting BL VN you can note the date. Also it's good to see JAST have two releases in a month to make up the lack of October release.

Sekai released Raspberry Cube in Chinese language first, and even after knew that they may have their own reason to do it (Such as the potential bigger revenue, the contract that had Sekai to release Madosoft VNs in Chinese first, or Sekai need to secure Steam store page first), in the end I still can't say that I like their action here. Well at least they sort of made up the decision with they're finally announced the exact release date for Morning Mist (The last part of Tokeijikake trilogy), and said date will be on 11th later. With Morning Mist release, it mean that Tokeijikake trilogy will be fully available in English so this should be the good time to read the previous two Tokeijikake VNs if you're still not read it yet. We also have QUALIA finished the QA process, so we can predict that for the next release Sekai will release either QUALIA or Eternal Heart (Or they could release both in this year).

For fan translation update roundup, we have Fuyu Kiss is at 70% translated, Chronos is at 40% edited, Chicchakunai Mon is at 32.39% edited, Senmomo is past three quarter (75.86%) edited with Chapter 6 is at 7.33% edited, ChuSingura is at 15.35% translated, and H2O is at 36.4% translated with Hayami's route is almost fully (96.2%) translated. We also have the aforementioned Lupercalia big update, in which the translator just finished translated the whole VN. Although just because it's been finished doesn't mean that the translator will release full translation patch directly, because there's still some works left with the translator such as editing and QC. The translator also state that he'll have another update on New Year Eve (ie December 31st) later, although as for whether said update will be in regard of full translation patch release or not we'll see.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

Edited by littleshogun


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