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One more Random Translation: Kerberos




Fall from the heavens, oh my guardian star.  Obliterate everything within the iron abyss.

I have served at the side of Hades for many ages.  I am the beastly and arrogant wolf who prays for the fall of all that is bright and noble while easing my hunger with the flesh and blood of the dead.

Spit out curses, devour hope, grind the jaws of despair.  The deadly poison that drips from my fangs desperately, oh how desperately desires the collapse of the heavens.  Let the shining brilliance be corrupted, without exception.

Go extinct, go extinct, let everything be reduced to garbage.  The shrieks and tears have fallen into the abyss.  The only thing I have left to cling to is the sound of the harp that plays within the darkness.

For that reason, sleep for now within the depths of the dead sea at the side of your love's corpse, oh minstrel.   Oh my grudging scream, reach the heavens.  Howl out to the empty moon!

Metalnova- Howling Kerberos (Shriek in madness, oh accursed silver wolf!)


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