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Police of Daybreak: A Day in the Life of the Actors Review



Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week title since we have the sequel of Ryuusei World Actor released I'm obviously make the parody of the title. Obviously since Kinugasa wrote both of Akagoei 2/FD and Ryuusei, I did make parody of Akagoei again by changing 'Guardian' into 'Police' along with changing 'Ladies' into 'Actors' so we have 'Police of Daybreak: A Day in the Life of the Actors' as this week title. As for this week, after several weeks with many good announcements this week we have less number in regard of both updates and releases, although of course some updates can be quite interesting to a degree. Overall I can say that this week is slightly below average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Cherry Kiss released the nukige about dog girl, and no much to say other than have fun if you already enjoyed said VN. As for Ryuusei 2, the contents is more in regard of the routes for two side characters from previous part, although apparently it's more like that the less focus was put on the heroines and our Kinugasa here is put more focus on the story in order to set up the next part, possibly the last part of the trilogy if we follow his pattern back when he wrote Akagoei. I also find out that Ryuusei 2 did continue from a certain chapter back at previous part, and if anything else at least Kinugasa for all of his fault on writing the ending can set up the trilogy properly compared to Grisaia in which the staffs only focused to make charage on the first part without providing the real prologue of Meikyuu (Frontwing's circumstance back then aside). Anyway go get Ryuusei 2 if you want to see more of Ryuusei World Actor, and have fun.

Mangagamer will released Patient S (The BL VN with the same premise as Evenicle 2 for the reminder) at 23rd later, and you can note the date if you want to read more BL VN. Other than Mangagamer announcement for the exact release date of a BL VN, we have Sekai updated several of their projects. Those updates from Sekai are Animal Trails was at 90% in QA, both of Gakkou no Seiiki and Harvest Festa were fully translated, and Chiisana Kanojo no Serenade was finally started being worked on with the progress is at 15% translated.

From fan translation section, Senmomo was at 58.94% edited with Chapter 4 was at 61.98% edited, Chronos was at 20% translated, Ruitomo was at 19.08% translated with common route was at 84.21% translated, Fuyu Kiss was at halfway translated (Yuki's route was fully translated) along with 5% edited, Reika/Kyouka route of Akagoei 2/FD was already fully translated and for the next route the translator will focused on Aya's route, and Imaimo was at 67.3% translated with Mao's route was at 67.2% translated. Lastly we have ChuSingura re-translation project and said project is obviously including adding the sex scenes, although seeing that ChuSingura itself has a ton of lines (At 82,770 lines) it'll be a while to see it fully translated. Anyway as for the current progress, 4,669 lines (Or 5.64% from the overall lines) of it has been translated. I'll keep my eyes on the project here.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week and sorry if it's quite short here. See you next week.

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