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Hatsuyuki Flowers Review



As for this title, it should be obvious that I parodied the last VNs from Saga Planet Season series Hatsuyuki Sakura (Also the most well received one) that was written by Niijima Yuu because Hatsuyuki Sakura here is represent winter (It should be obvious that snow here is meant winter, and for translation note yuki mean snow), and the reason for the parody is in regard of Flowers Winter release so I'd combine 'Hatsuyuki' and 'Flowers'. Speaking of Niijima, coincidentally we also have Summer Pockets Reflection Blue (Niijima here is also one of Summer Pockets writer) translation patch released with said version add several new routes, although ironically all of those new routes weren't written by Niijima. Other than those two big releases, we still have some updates with Mangagamer decided to do their batch of updates after some times not doing it. Overall I can say this week is an interesting one, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

Shiravune did release Icha x2 Study, and content wise there's not much happened other than the MC will have a lot of passionate love making that goes for a long time in which it seems to be Marmalade's VNs specialty (At least it has good graphic). While Icha x2 Steady here is indeed Marmalade's VN, it's not the big title like either Primal Hearts duology or Mashimaro but instead it's just the fandisc that cover one of Study Steady heroines Yuu in which it should be good enough for Yuu's fans and want more of it. Anyway go get Icha x2 Study if you want to see Yuu being very affectionate towards the nameless MC (Note that the MC's default name here is basically Marma Lade (ie the company name) so may as well treat the MC as nameless), and have fun.

As for Mangagamer's update, the biggest one is that we finally have the updates for Rance X in which it's been at 46% translated along with 5% edited, and it should be noted that it's quite a big progress to have it at almost halfway translated because Rance X script size is quite massive from what I'd read. Other than Rance X update, we also have IX is closer to the testing (Hopefully we'll see it entering the testing in the near future), Hentai Public Service (The new Clock Up nukige with tacky uniform for the info) was fully translated and edited, Sona-Nyl Refrain contents was 87% integrated into the main script, and Raillore was fully edited. No much to say other than at least it's good to see that Mangagamer here got some progress on last two Rance games along with Sona-Nyl, so let's see what they'll have to announce at AX later.

Speaking of AX, JAST was also planned to attend it as well so naturally there'll be a lot to expect when it come to announcements. That said, obviously our focus here is in regard of Flowers Winter in which JAST managed to release each part of Flowers tetralogy at two years. Release time aside, in Flowers Winter our MC here is going back to Suoh after the previous parts have another MCs (Erika and Yuzuriha). This time our Suoh here decided to resolve the cause of her heartbreak that has happened at the end of Flowers Spring with the help of several clues that she got, and obviously it won't be easy matter for her because there'll be several obstacle for Suoh to finally resolve her situation. Anyway one should note that Flowers here won't be like Kara no Shoujo when it come to the graphic contents, and of course the art is still quite nice looking. Go get Flowers Winter from JAST or Steam if you've been waiting to play the last part of the tetralogy.

From fan translation, besides Alka successfully released Reflection Blue we have Chronos was at a quarter translated, Arcueid's route of Tsukihime Remake was fully edited and almost finished finalization process, ChuSingura was at 5.89% translated, Houkago Cinderella was at 46.54% translated, Senmomo was at 60.54% edited with Chapter 4 was past 90% mark (92.62%) edited, Ruitomo was at 19.32% translated along with 2.88% edited, and Imaimo was at 83.6% translated with Ayumu's route was at 38.9% translated. We also have Snow just finished final pass for all of the routes, and the team decided to release it at three days later (ie 24th) so let's see if we'll going to have it released at that date later.

Last but not the least there's Reflection Blue in which it's the upgraded version of Summer Pockets. While some of you may think that it's redundant release with altered texts like back at Rewrite+, actually this time KEY add new routes with new heroines with with most of the new heroines are supporting characters from original Summer Pockets (KEY was also doing this back at Little Busters, although they didn't add the sex scenes in Reflection Blue). Some of the contents of the new routes will either add more development to the new heroines or some more info to the setting, so we can say that it's worth to get if one want more Summer Pocket. Visual Art themselves also has plan to localized this later, although obviously with Alka finally manage to release the translation patch first the Visual Art version of Reflection Blue will be redundant (If VA manage to release it later). Go get Reflection Blue if you want to play more Summer Pockets, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week and sorry for being late here. See you next week.

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