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Higurashi: Ebikoroshi-hen Review

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have both of Amagami and Higurashi Rei released I figure that I'll just make parody for one of Higurashi Rei arc, Saikoroshi, by changing 'Saiko' into 'Ebi' (From one of Amagami release version Ebikore) so we have 'Higurashi: Ebikoroshi-hen' as this week VNTS Review title, which to say may came of as a bit unusual seeing that Ebikoroshi is literally mean 'Shrimp Killing'. As for this week here some of the updates that we get here are quite interesting especially the one from fan translation section, and of course there's the releases with two of those both are Ryukishi's VNs in that it should be good for his fans even though the releases may not up to far to his well received works in the past. Overall this week is pretty much an above average one compared to the last week, and let's see what I can write in regard of it.

JAST did release Neko Night back at May 31st, and not much to say other than have fun if you already have been interested with another nukige with cat girl as the heroine. Speaking of nukige, we have Shiravune will released the fandisc of Study Steady (In which it's technically nukige) called Icha x2 Study at 17th later. Said fandisc will be focused on one of the heroine from Study Steady, Yuu, with the MC will spent some more times together with her, including having a lot of sex and obviously flirting a lot. If you like Yuu back when you play the original Study Steady, you can note the date go the the FD later on. We also have age planned to release Total Eclipse at this summer, although obviously the plan can be changed so let's wait and see if age can manage to do it later.

I did forget to mention that there's several updates in regard of some otome VNs, or rather I just find out about those VNs now. The first one is in regard of Amnesia fandisc, in which Idea Factory has plan to release both fandisc (Later and Crowd) in one package. There's still no more detail on when the package will be released other than it'll be at this year. The second one is also from Idea Factory, and said otome VN, Birushana Senki, already has exact release date in which it'll be at 28th later. From what I see, Birushana Senki here has a premise about on how a losing clan has the youngest descendant being female having an adventure to take down the rival clan, and from the adventure she may find out something deeper in regard of the conflict. The last one is in regard of Piofiore 1926 exact release date, in which it'll be at September 22nd later.

Visual Arts did release Loopers at 2nd, although it's only for Switch with Steam version of it will be released at later days. From what I see while it has unique premise, apparently people did criticize this because the writer, Ryukishi07, didn't going all out with the writing much. If anything else, at least we got another KEY VN translated and that I find the art here did resemble Western cartoon. Go get Loopers if you have Switch and been interested with it, and have fun. Speaking of Ryukishi, we also have Higurashi Rei (His another work) released by Mangagamer. As for Rei itself, it's the fandisc of Higurashi in which it show some life after Matsuribayashi and supposed to be the last part that show post-Matsuribayashi story, at least until the (in)famous Gou Sotsu duology. Anyway if you want to see more Higurashi, go get Rei and have fun.

As for fan translation updates, other than Amagami release we have Chronos was at 15% translated, Chaos Head Noah was at 44.92% TLC-ed along with 43.89% edited, Akagoei FD prologue was fully retranslated along with Kyouka/Reika route was at 40% translated, all of original lines of Summer Pockets were reworked and currently Reflection Blue is in the final testing, Snow full translation patch was planned to be released at this month, the translation patch for Pure Pure was re-released with the new release has all of the text inserted into the game, Imaimo was past halfway (54.2%) translated with Kimika's route was at 93.7% translated, Ruitomo was at 18.74% translated along with 2.04% edited, Senmomo was at 58.10% edited with Chapter 4 was past halfway (51.74%) edited, Eustia was at 97.13% in programming with Licia's chapter was at 84.76% in programming, and Mizuha's route of Ginharu was finished the second pass with the route is currently in editing.

Before going to Amagami release, we also have the update from Aojashin restoration project in that they already add Case 2 sex scenes into the patch and currently they starting to work on Case 3 sex scenes with one of the scenes was translated. As for Amagami, from what I read it's about a guy who've been broken hearted because of someone two years ago try to open his heart to love again, and the chance of it happen is up to one of the six female (ie the heroines) at his school. Other than that, Amagami here is console VN which mean there'll be no sex scene and so you must play it using emulator for the console of you choice of Amagami (Either PS2 or PSP version). That said while Amagami is technically full release that was finally happening after 10 years of waiting, there's still some work to trimming the bug (The reason on why the patch is called Public Beta Patch) although if you already decided to play it then have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.


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