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Beat Diviner Sayaka Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week because we have Shiravune released 'Onmyoji in the Otherworld: Sayaka's Story' I decided to parodied Alicesoft Beat series because the similarities of both VN when it come to the main heroine got the power (Through sex), so we have 'Beat Diviner Sayaka' as this week VNTS Review title (For a bit of translation note, in Sengoku Rance Onmyoji was translated as 'Diviner' in the older translation while Arunaru keep it as 'Onmyoji' for Mangagamer version). Back to the review, and what I can say is that at least Shiravune here did deliver an interesting news in which obviously ironically it's not their release. Other than that, we have quite a number of the updates from fan translation and of course from Nekonyan as well. Overall this week itself is quite interesting because of the number of the updates, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

If you like BL VN with trap heroines, there's Trap Genesis that was released back at 17th. I only know it's the last part of the trilogy that was started from Trap Shrine, and that this time there's only a single 'heroine'. In case you interested with it, then go get it and have fun. For Shiravune's release, the premise is about a miko who got a responsibility to fight the monster that invade the city and the only way for her to gain the power to do it is through the sex like Beat series. Other things to note are it's gameplay VN, there'll be Steam release at 22nd tomorrow, and that the staffs themselves are quite well known with Hello Lady Writer along with Dies Irae composer and artist even though it won't show in Sayaka here. At least this time we can have Debonosu VN localized with sex scenes intact unlike Sorakumo in that the sex scenes of it was removed for overseas release. Go get Sayaka if you interested with it, and have fun.

For the usual fan translation updates recap, we have Taimanin Kurenai was at 30% proofread, Loverable was at 97.56% edited, Chiccakunai Mon was at 83.9% translated, Harugi was at 27% edited, White Album 2 Chiaki's route are fully playtested, and Senmomo was at 8.02% edited with Chapter 1 was at 47.37% edited. We also finally have Eustia's update after three weeks of absence with the current progress was at 92.88% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 62.17% TLC-ed. For other updates, we have Nagomibako was already had some editing work with current progress is that we have 41 out of 138 script files of it was edited, and Maji Translation did translate Tae's route halfway which mean that they finally working on Majikoi A-5. We also have Daybreak Translation did translate Onee-chan no Yuuwaku (A nukige with big sister heroine), and currently the translator manage to translate roughly halfway of it. Lastly there's Mahoyo update in that I'll keep my eyes on it from now on, and currently it's been fully translated along with 80.45% TLC-ed and 64.40% edited.

As promised I'll talk about Nekonyan's updates here. As for the updates, we have Aoi Tori was at 70% translated along with them starting the editing work with the current progress was at 20% edited, Cafe Stella was at both 80% translated and edited, Golden Time was at a quarter translated, Makeover FD was fully translated, Mirai Radio was at 90% edited, 1st secret project was fully translated along with halfway edited, and 3rd secret was at past halfway (55%) translated. Lastly have Nekonyan did announce their next release, and it's Karichaimashita with the exact release date at October 22nd later. If you want to know the progress of Karichaimashita, it's been at 80% in QA. We also have Ninetail do the update for Hollow at their Kickstarter update in that it's been at fully translated, in which while it sounds redundant with the exact release date available at least Ninetail here cares for anyone else who want to know the progress of it.

About the interesting news from Shiravune that I said earlier, it's their new VN that will be released at 24th later. The VN in question is Harem Kingdom in which it's Smee VN, and in turn that apparently Smee here is quite flexible because people did predict that Nekonyan will localize this sooner or later. Then again with Chihiro Himukai was released by Shiravune I guess it's logical that the writer did ask DMM to localized another of his VN, and for the info Chihiro Himukai here is not Smee VN. Obviously with DMM it mean that it has some controversy such as the customer will need to deal with Denuvo DRM (Because so far there's no plan to release it on Steam) and mosaic. While the former is understandably annoying, for the latter I just think that it's pointless to be angry about it. I'll tell more about the VN later, and let's just say that I've been looking forward to this isekai VN even though technically it's a nukige.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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