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Harem Nursery Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and for the title I just combined 'Harem' from HaremKingdom along with 'Nursery' from Nursery Rhyme so we have 'Harem Nursery' as this week VNTS Review title (It should goes without saying that I didn't mean to review the painting 'Nursery in the Harem' that was painted by Vincent Stiepevich). As for this week, we have some news other than the obvious HaremKingdom release by Shiravune, in that one of the notable news is the updates from Sekai in that they have several of their projects are already at QA stage. Of course we also have some usual updates from fan translation, particularly Nursery Rhyme, and that we have Idea Factory did announce their next otome VN. Overall I can say that this week is still quite interesting to a degree, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Fakku did announce that they'll release Abaddon at October 19th later along with them already having Zero Chastity ready for the release, in that I can only say good luck to them to make sure that they can make sure Abaddon will be released on time. As for otome VN that announced by Idea Factory, it's Cupid Parasite in that it's only for Switch and will be released at November 2nd later. The premise is about a female MC who more or less is a cupid who assigned to pair single men, and from there our MC will do her best even though it looks hard seeing that the men are more or less quite hopeless when it come to romance. Other than that, I can only say that the graphic is quite bright looking from the CG samples. Anyway you can note the release date in case you interested with this and have Switch.

As for fan translation, the most notable update is from Nursery Rhyme in that it's been fully edited and currently the translator working to inserting the text into the VN. That said, it's still a while though before the release because the translator want to make sure that the patch would be free from bug and error along with making sure that it was near perfect. Other than Nursery Rhyme, we obviously have some more updates as well, in that we have Senmomo was at 8.54% edited with Chapter 1 was past halfway (50.44%) edited, Taimanin Kurenai was at 35% proofread which mean that the translator obviously should continue his translation work, Harugi was at 28% edited, and Eustia was at 93% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 62.78% TLC-ed.

For Sekai's updates, like I say earlier some of those are focused on the QA progress. For more detail, some of the projects that reported the QA progress are Rewrite+ (At halfway in QA), Drapri 2 (At three quarter in QA), and Amatsutsumi (Also at three quarter in QA). Other than QA updates, we also have Amairo Chocolata 2 was at 65% translated, Love Duction engine work was almost finished at 99% done, and Yumeiro was at a quarter translated. What I can say is that while granted it's good to see Amatsutsumi QA was raised up significantly, I guess we may not have it released at this year yet seeing that the engine work for it was still at 80% done (For comparison, both of Kimagure and ReLord 2 engine work were already 90% done with the aforementioned Love Duction was already 99% done) so perhaps we may need to wait for a while here before Amatsutsumi release.

The big release for this week is obviously HaremKingdom, and as we know it's Smee VN which mean obviously we should expect comedy along with the romance, although this time Smee did add harem and isekai trope. As for the premise, our nameless MC came to the other world together with his best friend Hikari, and somehow the MC was the true successor of a king from the kingdom in the other world. Other than being a king, suddenly the MC got several new future wives along with Hikari herself eager to join the harem which to the MC himself is quite a predicament seeing that he has traumatic past with woman. Obviously he has no choice here, so what the MC can do is that he did their best to going through the situation and get used to it. I know that HaremKingdom is technically isekai nukige here, but it's a Smee VN as well so at least it should be interesting if you want more Smee moege VN. Anyway go get HaremKingdom if you interested with it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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