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Kagome Roulette Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since we have Axanael officially started the translation with sizeable progress along with the VN has the variation of Russian Roulette game called Kagome Games, I make a parody of Russian Roulette so we have 'Kagome Roulette' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, we have a number of significant updates when it come to fan translation such as the aforementioned Axanael or Akagoei, while at the same time there's no much update from official side other than the releases of those two underrated VNs (I know that Nekonyan give us interesting updates at this morning, but I'll save those updates for the next week). Overall I can say that this week is more interesting because it has more activities, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

Cherry Kiss released their elf nukige back at 10th, and no much to say other than go play it if you've been interested with it and have fun. The second official release is Olympie Soiree back at 9th in which it has more interesting story, although too bad that there's no PC version of it because Aksys only release it for Switch (Aksys really need to releases their otome VN in Steam so that the player who only have PC can play it as well). For the reminder the premise is about the female MC from a rare color and thus she need to marry one of six heroes in order to have the descendant to continue the color so that the color didn't die out, and yeah there's also the matter of the setting in that the color is more important than a life. In any case, if you want to see more of the story and have Switch then you can try it and have fun.

For the roundup of fan translation updates, we have Chiccakunai Mon was at 82.5% translated, Harugi was at 24% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 49% edited, and Taimanin Kurenai was at 20% proofread. I didn't mention this back at last week, so let me mention that since White Album 2 was already in playtesting stage it should goes without saying that the editing for all parts (Including Coda) is already finished, and it mean that all that left is the playtest before it finally ready for the release. We also have Senmomo had the spreadsheet to show their editing progress (The link to the spreadsheet), and for the current progress its's been at 6.1% edited with the Chapter 1 was at 36.05% edited. They also have plan to release the trial patch at this year's end in order to clear suspicion about Senmomo was MTL-ed, so good luck to them in regard of that.

There's a good news for Akagoei fans, and it's that the translator finally finished the translation for the whole VN and that he released the patch that cover Aya's route as well in which it only cover her route seeing that currently only that route was already finished all of the process (Including editing and QA). Since Akagoei here designed as the trilogy, it's only natural that one should play the FD as well. Thus our translator here already translated two routes of the FD, and he already finished both of common and Reika/Kyouka After with him currently preparing to work on Tae After. So yeah you'll need to wait for a while in order to play the whole trilogy in English, but at least you can play the first part in the near future (You can also try to play Aya's route first and here's the download link for the patch).

As for Axanael, I admit that I didn't see that the translator can continuing it seeing that there's several trial releases that ended up didn't have the full game translated. Of course turned out that my prediction is wrong because we see some good progress on Axanael with the translator did gather some very well known helper, with two of the helper did work on Committee of Zero and both of them work on the engine and image work to put it simply. Oh yes as for the progress currently it has been at 30% translated with common route was already fully translated along with the team already translate a quarter of route A. For the info, Axanael here has quite an unique route system with the routes were called A, B, and C, and the next plan is that they'll translate the rest of two routes in alphabetical order after route A translation is completed (You can read more on the translator's Tweet thread here). Lastly I'll say good luck to the translation team of Axanael there.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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