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Turnabout Invasion Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title since we have Great Ace Attorney released in English along with Senmomo new translation project in that it has the premise that the aftermath of the empire after the invasion I decided to make the title as 'Turnabout Invasion' (For the info all Ace Attorney cases has the word 'Turnabout'). Compared to the last week, well this week is surely is a calm one although of course we still have some updates here with the biggest one is the release of Majikoi A-4 patch. That said though, there's no much to talk at this week to be honest so let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

We have an user did claim that he managed to translate Senmomo and it's FD back at 8th with the progress in that he manage to finished the translation for both VNs and currently he's working on the editing together with the new staffs. While normally this is a good news seeing that it mean more August VN being translated together with the FD, there's some doubt casted on the project namely that the translator did claim that he manage to work on both VNs for over 16 hours which to say normally impossible for the people so much that people suspicious that it used MTL, and of course VNDB suspect it as well so that they marked both project as MTL. While it's understandably not right to mark this even before the release seeing that the translator didn't say that he used DeepL, it's also hard to prove that this is not really a MTL because there's no translation sample to proof it. What I know for now is that he learnt Japanese in the past, so it's possible that he can instantly understand the text when he played both VNs. In any case, I'll just wait for the translator to release the patch in order to prove whether it's really MTL-ed or not.

Finally Sol Press has an update in regard of Nukitashi, and the update is just that they'd rebuild the QA file. Well sure as long as they got some progress it's good for them I suppose, and hopefully it's not that they just buying some time for preparing the release like what Frontwing did with Sharin recently after they made a blunder by repeatedly announced the release date is almost near. JAST did have the update for Flowers Hiver in that they've been working on it, although since they're not attending AX Lite the only way we know that is from one of their tweet that answered the question in regard of that. As for the release estimation, looking from the past pattern 2022 release should be more that possible to be happen so let's see if we can see JAST release Flowers Hiver at next year. Lastly we have Keimaru (Ninetails director) did reveal that he'll reveal the release date for Hollow at 20th later on his tweet, so let's see if there'll be release date for Hollow in three days later.

For fan translation updates, we have Shin Koihime Musou was at 48% edited, Taimainin Kurenai was at a quarter edited, 86.7% original lines of Summer Pockets were reworked, and Harugi was at 21% edited. As for A-4 release, well good for Majikoi fans in that they can get more of Majikoi although it's obviously not for me seeing that it's more or less just the fandisc of Majikoi. Anyway go get A-4 of you want to see more Majikoi and been wanted to play it, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.

PS - Forgot to mention that Honey*Honey*Honey will also have Steam version so you can get it from Steam in case you didn't like to get it from Johren because of the DRM. It's been delayed until 20th later though because Valve do some extended approval process on the VN, which to say not too bad outcome considering that we know Valve can be quite fickle when it come to schoolgirls in the VNs and Honey*Honey*Honey has school setting.

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