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Sore ga Imouto! Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week I'll tell it at PS later. As for this week, we have a lot of updates seeing that both of Mangagamer and Aksys did announce their new licenses along with both of Nekonyan and Sekai did update some of their VNs. On the other hand though, compared to the last week there's no much releases so I suppose it balanced out. Overall once again this week is quite exciting to a degree because of a number new VNs announcements, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week as well.

We have Shiravune released Honey*Honey*Honey at 6th (They're really aggressive when it come to VN releases), and the premise is quite unique with both of male and female must do social distancing thanks to sexual harassment countermeasures regulation that was strictly regulated by the government so much that the date need authorization. Although obviously it's more or less just a setting seeing that we obviously we'll see on how the MC will getting closer to the three heroines, and nothing can stop the blossoming love. I also should take some special note to the art in which it resemble both of Noraneko and Marco, which make sense because both VNs and Honey*Honey*Honey artist are the same (And this time Harukaze didn't interfere with their censorship policy, so you can play it with the sex scenes). Go get the VN if you want more VN with the art that resemble Noraneko, and have fun.

Sekai has another updates from their licenses here, although it's limited to their Kickstarter updates. As for the updates, we have Hoshimemo HD build is undergoing QA, Eternal Heart was fully edited and about to do some programming work, Daybreak undergoing another round of QA before going to submit the build to Valve in order for them to review it, and Morning Mist undergoing the first QA. While it's nice that we got some Tokeijikake updates, the waiting between the prequel and sequel is too long that it's possible anyone who've been looking forward to the sequel already lost some interest. In any case, for now I just hope that Sekai can released the rest of Tokeijikake trilogy in the near future. Speaking of Kickstarter, we have Frontwing fixing halfway of the problem that caused the release of Sharin to be delayed, and I should say that I prefer Frontwing to not announce any updates (And no, make it as backer only won't count) until they're really absolutely ready to release it in the first place (Including checking whether the server in the good condition or not before announcing the exact release date).

From fan translation we have Chaos Head Noah was almost fully translated with overall was at 99.23% translated with the common route was at 98.93% translated along with 18.79% TLC-ed and 10.35% edited, and it should goes without saying that the team would continue with TLC and editing works. For the other update, we have Harugi was at 21% edited, 86.5% original line of Summer Pockets was reworked, and Taimainin Kurenai was at 20% edited. Cherry Kiss was suddenly announced another nukige (Localized name Genderbend Me! Sayonara Demon Dong), and the premise of the nukige is that the hero somehow ended up with genderbent demon lord who going from beautiful man transformed into beautiful lady. Since this is nukige, obviously the hero will help the demon lord to become male again through a certain mean. This time Cherry Kiss didn't announce the estimation release time, so we should wait for them to announce it later.

Aksys did have announce their new VNs, and all of those are otome VNs. As for the new announcements, all of those new VNs will be released in 2022 so you must wait for a while in case you want to play the VN in question, and it's only available on Switch so you must own the console as well if you want to play it. Those VNs are Piofiore Episodio 1926 (The sequel/FD of Piofiore), Lover Pretend, Kimi wa Yukima ni Koinegau, and Paradigm Paradise (This would be most interesting otome VN announcement to me because it has magical girl as the MC and that the heroes can genderbent into magical girl to help the MC lol). For additional info, Aksys already announced Variable Barricade (By the way Aksys should promote that the MC of this VN was voiced by Hatsune Miku's VA (Fujita Saki) lol) will be released at February 2022 later, and that Aksys will be released Ayakashimori at December 2nd later.

For Mangagamer's announcements at Otakon, let's just say that it's not what I expect to be although perhaps I may expect too much here. The announcements are Erovoice (Remind me of Sore ga Seiyuu! anime in that it also deal with the behind the scene for seiyuu, although Erovoice is obviously about eroge seiyuu), Seventh Lair (From Novectale and let's just say that it's quite awkward to see Fata Morgana characters with the story is supposed to be different), Namaiki (It's dark elves nukige), and Love Sweets (I guess Moonstone decided to go back to Mangagamer to localize it after they realized that doing it by themselves is quite difficult for them). Forgot to say that Mangagamer also has some updates, and for the updates we have all four new announcements were fully translated and edited, Rance IX was at 87.5% edited, and they'd announce that they'll release Uchikano at 26th later. For secret project updates, we have 11th project was past halfway for both translation and editing work (53% and 50% respectively) and 12th was fully translated along with three quarter edited, and they'd reveal 6th and 10th projects as Erovoice and Namaiki respectively.

Nekonyan have some updates here, and for the updates we have Aoi Tori was at 60% translated, Cafe Stella was at 70% translated and edited, Makeover FD was at 89% translated, Mirai Radio was at 85% edited (Speaking of Laplacian, turned out that there's some group who decided to restore the sex scene for Aojashin overseas releases because Laplacian decided to not translate the sex scenes (The project page) with the current progress was at 5.1% translated), Karichaimashita was at 40% in QA, and their first secret project was at 40% edited. Nekonyan also add two more updates at this morning, and the updates in question are that they already worked on Golden Time (Kirikoi FD for the reminder) with the progress was at 15% translated along with them add one more secret project (Third secret project) with the progress for new secret project was at 30% translated.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

PS - Since I remeber of Sore ga Seiyuu! anime when I see Erovoice and that we have blood related little sister heroine in Love Sweets, I just parodied the Sore ga Seiyuu! by changing 'Seiyuu' into 'Imouto' (Translator's Note: Imouto mean little sister) so we have 'Sore ga Imouto!' as this week VNTS Review.

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