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Pretty Idol Sailor Usagi Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as we can see this week is quite big with several companies decided to do several releases at once so obviously this week is quite exciting here. Other than releases, of course there's also some updates as well along with Nekonyan's new planned release (Even though it's not as interesting as their usual planned releases). Let's see what I can write in regard of this week here, and I'll tell the reason for the title at PS later even though it should be obvious.

Yuzusoft asked Sakura Miko (The virtual Youtuber for the reminder) to do some stream for them, and through the stream they did reveal that they made a new all age brand (Yuzusoft Sour) along with the new title from said brand (Parquet). Since Yuzusoft already shown their interest to bring their title to overseas back when they made Cafe Stella if we look at the English subtitle, it's normal to see them bring Parquet to English and Nekonyan as their usual partner will released it at 27th later. I see that some people conflicted over Yuzusoft decision to going all age, and what I can say is that it's fine if they're going to try all age market VNs as long as they didn't censor their VNs overseas after they made separated brand like Laplacian (Beside Yuzusoft did reveal that they still developed their 12th eroge at the stream). I'll try to talk more on Parquet later when Nekonyan release this.

There's fox girl simulation game called Your Waifu Foxgirl Konko, and what I can say is that it should be a good game if you like to make foxgirl as your wife so have fun if you interested with this and already playing it. As promised, JAST did release Mamono Musume Slime and Scylla back at 30th so go get it if you've been want to play this ever since JAST did announce it back at AX 2019 and have fun. Mangagamer did suddenly released Christmas Tina back at July 29th, and from what I see it's tell us the story of the struggle of Chinese man and Japanese teenage girl to survive at the Bubble Era in Japan (At 1988). From there both people will do their best to survive through the era, and hopefully they can do well. Other thing to note is that it's written by Narcissu's writer and that it has Chinese voices because Nekoday is Chinese company, and that the VN itself is all age so no sex scenes. I heard that it's quite nice VN, so if you interested to see whether it's really a nice VN or not perhaps you can get Christmas Tina there and have fun.

Oshirabu FD was released faster than the schedule (Only one day faster though), and as for the premise it's more or less the continuation of the story of GL couple who keep loving each other after their first meeting was has some miscommunication. Go get Oshirabu FD if you like the main game and want to see more of it, and have fun. We also have Bustafellows was released, and it's also available for Steam as well so it should be good for otome VN fans who only have PC there. As for the premise, we'll have the MC who work as the journalist witnessed murderer case and she has some superpower in which she can leap into the past within very short of time in the bodies of other. In case you like the art or find the story interesting (Or perhaps both), you can get this from Steam and have fun if you're already played it.

In their recent blogpost Kakugo Translation announced that they took over Sukiuso translation project, and currently it's been at 38% translated (It's the new translation for the info). I don't know if they can finished it or not yet seeing that it's rumored to be hard to translate, but seeing that the translator is the big fan of it I'll just say good luck to the team and hopefully this time we can see Sukiuso fully translated (I'll see if they'll be able to provide more updates on this later as they said). Other than Sukiuso has new translator, we have Taimanin Kurenai was at 15% edited, Shin Koihime Musou was at 47% edited, Harugi was at 20% edited, and Eustia was at 92.34% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 59.27% TLC-ed.

The biggest release (Or rather releases) of this week to me would be Primal x Hearts duology by Shiravune in which it can be said as Marmalade's most well known VNs. As for the premise for both VNs, we'll going to have the MC transfer as the 777th student to the school that has two student councils and each councils have same number of supporters which obviously caused the votes to be ended in deadlock, and the MCs from both of Primal x Hearts are the only hope to resolve the deadlock. While both of the VNs shared same premise, there's some difference between two VNs in which apparently Marmalade did refine some writing in the second Primal x Hearts. Overall I can say that both are good charage so you can play it in any order based on the heroines preference (Or perhaps you can play both if you find all of the heroines are cute). Go get both of Primal x Hearts if you've been waiting for this ever since Shiravune did release Study Steady, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and I know that I missed some additional updates here so I'll save those for next VNTS Review. See you next week.

PS - As for the title for this week I decided to parodied Sailor Moon full title (Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon) because we have one of Primal Hearts 2 heroines has very similar name with a bit difference as Sailor Moon civilian name (Tsukino Usagi, and the name for Primal x Hearts 2 heroine is Tsukiyono Usagi) with said heroine is the idol, and so we have 'Pretty Idol Sailor Usagi' (Which should be good for her stage name had she not (Understandably) embarrassed with her full name lol) as the title for this week VNTS Review.

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