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Plena Metala Demono Muramasa Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review. As for this week title, since we have JAST finally announced Muramasa exact release date along with Distant Memorajo release in which the latter is the sequel of Amrilato (It's GL VN with learning Esperanto as the premise for the reminder), I decided to use the Esperanto direct translation of Muramasa English title (Full Metal Daemon Muramasa) so we have 'Plena Metala Demono Muramasa' as this week VNTS Review title and obviously this is not Esperanto translated Muramasa review in case you're wonder about it lol. For this week, well JAST obviously has the biggest news with them announced the exact release date for Muramasa. Other than Muramasa release date, we also have Mangagamer released their aforementioned Memorajo and Sekai did have some updates. Overall I can say that this week is quite interesting, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS.

Because of technical problem that conveniently happened with the server that handle the distribution of the download file, Frontwing delayed Sharin yet again in order to fix the problem. Frontwing did give the estimation that the problem may be fixed and that they'll finally be able to release it at the middle of this week (Either at tomorrow Wednesday or Thursday), so let's see if they'll manage to do it later. Cherry Kiss did released another nukige back at 16th, and I have no much to say other than have fun play the nukige if you've been interested with it. Speaking of nukige, Fakku apparently already doing some testing for Abaddon and thus they announced the estimation release month in which it'll be at October later. Last but not the least, we have the sequel for Somnium (nirvanA Initiative) in which it'll have new female MC Mizuki who is the previous MC Date stepdaughter involved in murder case investigation. In any case, it'll be available for console (PS4, XBOX One, and Switch) and PC at Spring 2022 (According to the Steam store page) later so you may note the release timeline if you're interested with it.

Sekai did release Nekopara Catboy Paradise, and the heroes design did remind some people of Dies Irae which make sense because Dies Irae artist did design the character in Nekopara Catboy Paradise. Go get the VN if you want to play Nekopara with handsome catboy, and have fun. Other than Nekopara Catboy Paradise, we have Karakara 3 was fully edited, Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 was fully translated and currently it's in editing, and lastly we have Sekai did announce the exact release date for 2236 AD prequel at 23rd later. For fan translation updates at this week, we have Watamasu was at 30% in QA and Eustia was at 92.06% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 57.78% TLC-ed.

JAST did bring the surprising big news in regard of Muramasa exact release date, and as we know we'll going to have it released at August 24th later. As for a bit of history, back at 2012 there's a rumor that JAST got the license of this with some progress. Of course after some times people forgotten Muramasa's license because back then JAST was quite infamous with the licenses that took years to be released, so naturally people would be skeptical if JAST will be released Muramasa at all. Turned out that JAST keep working on Muramasa here, and now we have JAST give the surprise that they'll release it in the near time. Muramasa itself is said to be Nitroplus's Magnum Opus so obviously it's a very well received VN (Or as people says kamige), and one thing that should be noted that there's no happy ending in regard of this along with the VN itself has a lot of death count so hopefully you'll prepare for that if you play Muramasa later. By the way even with JAST finally manage to release a very big title, I'm still waiting for them to finally release Yamizome Revenger here.

Lastly we have Mangagamer released Distant Memorajo, and curiously Mangagamer didn't announce their next release although one can say that right now Mangagamer may preparing something to announce at Otakon virtual later. Back to Memorajo, for the reminder in the prequel (Amrilato) we have our MC Rin trapped in the world with Esperanto as the main language, and Rin was taught Esperanto language by Ruka. As for Memorajo here, we'll going to see Ruka's past along with more romance between Rin and Ruka after they manage to become GL couple. Although not all of content are happy romance though, because the couple will face some more problem that related to the language barrier so it's up to both of Rin and Ruka to overcome it. Anyway get Memorajo if you've been want to play it ever since Amrilato released, and have fun.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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