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Sakura Slime Girl Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week since we have Sakura Forest Girl 2 released along with JAST announced the exact release date of their short nukige that featured slime girl (Mamono Musume Slime and Scylla) I just change 'Forest Girl' into 'Slime Girl' so we have 'Sakura Slime Girl' for the title. As for this week, well plain would be the right word to say it considering that there's no much updates for this week. That said it didn't mean that there's no topic to talk though because at least there's some updates from Sekai, and so let's see what I can write in regard of that at this week.

To tell the truth, I did forget that JAST did license Lamento so back when they decided to cancel the license at June I just think that they mean that they won't license it. As for the reason, JAST did say that the sales for their other VNs didn't justify the expense of localized Lamento (They not specified whether it's their BL VNs or all of their VNs though), and perhaps it can also be said that currently they didn't have enough money to fund the translation process. Well to me the license is redundant anyway seeing that there's fan translation patch for Lamento since back at 2015, but JAST promised that they may release this in the future so at least there's some hope for anyone else who look forward for JAST version of Lamento release. Speaking of release, after two years waiting finally we have them release Mamono Musume Slime and Scylla download version at 30th later. With this perhaps now there's a chance that we may see Yamizome release at this year.

Sekai did release 2236 AD prequel on Steam with the premise that we'll see the story about the MC AI secretary, and I didn't have much to say other than go get the VN if you want to see more of 2236 AD and have fun. As for Sekai's updates, this week we have Amairo Chocolata 2 was at 40% translated, ReLord 3 was at 20% edited, Yumeiro was at 8% translated, and Slobbish Dragon Princess 2 was at three quarter edited. Frontwing give yet another useless update in regard of Sharin in that they try to have their server problem that caused the release to delayed resolved by the end of this month, and for that I can only say good luck to them now that they only have two days left.

Once again Shiravune did release yet another VN, and this time we have short title with the localized name Chihiro Himukai Always Walks Away (Or if you want direct translation of the Japanese title Chihiro Himukai Can't Continuing Her Work). The premise of the VN itself is we have the MC met with his old female friend Chihiro Himukai and Chihiro decided to be the MC's friend with benefit in that Chihiro and MC only become sex friends instead of lover. While it looks like nukige at first, turned out that it has more than mere nukige seeing that we have Hayase Yuu as the writer which mean that we'll see the romance development between the MC and Chihiro with some of comedy if we remember his previous works (Fureraba and Makeover). Well at least this time Shiravune also had this on Steam so that the customer didn't need to deal with bothersome Denuvo at Johren, so get this from either of Johren or Steam if you interested with this and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS and sorry if it's too short here. See you next week.

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