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Snow Steady Review



Since we have Snow big progress along with Study Steady release, I'd just change 'Study' with 'Snow' so we have Snow Steady as this week VNTS Review, which to say would fitting Australian seeing that currently they're in winter (Interestingly we have a novel with the title 'Steady as the Snow Fall'). As for this week VNTS Review, we have White Album 2 translator reveal their current situation of the project along with Frontwing finally reveal the exact release date for Sharin and Fakku announced their new nukige VN, so I suppose I can say that this week is more or less an average one. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review here.

Shiravune finally released the English version of the nukige that was at first only available in Chinese language, although my response is still the same though in that I'll just skip the release. Still you can try the nukige if you already been interested ever since Shiravune did release it in Chinese only language, and have fun. Speaking of nukige, Fakku did reveal that they've been working on the nukige with the name Zero Chastity A Sultry Summer Holiday with the premise that the MC who's the student of all boy school stay in the dormitory that was run by single mom who has three daughter, and the four ladies would happen to be quite hungry when it come to sex and thus it's out MC's job to satisfy them. Anyway currently Fakku already testing the VN in question and they already set the release estimation, in which it'll be at September later. Speaking of release announcement, Aksys announced that they'll release Olympia Soiree at September 9th later. Lastly, we have Frontwing announce the exact release date for Sharin, and it happen to be at tomorrow (15th) so you may get Sharin with the new translation if you've been waiting for it for quite a while.

Tsui no Sora Remake translation was dropped, and let's just say that it's not worth to cry over it after seeing the drama on Reddit that happen to involved the translator of it (At least Yasuko's design in the remake is still cute lol). Other than Tsui no Sora Remake being dropped, we have Harugi was at 19% edited, Eustia was at 91.82% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 56.49% TLC-ed, and Taimanin Kurenai was at 10% edited. We also have Rewrite Oka-ken being released with both chapter was translated, and I only know that it was written by Ryukishi07 along with that it's the bonus for DVD version of Rewrite anime. Well at least it should be good addition for Rewrite fans, so Rewrite fans can read this in case they want to read more Rewrite while waiting Sekai to finished their work on it.

As for Snow, currently the common route of it was fully translated and now the translator about to translate both of Sumino and Asahi's routes. Last but not the least, we have White Album 2 translator team reveal their situation with the current progress that they're about to finished the editing work on Coda (Last part of White Album 2), and that currently the team did some playtesting. There's still no exact date when we'll finally have White Album 2 full translation patch finally released, but the translator did say that the patch should be ready by either at Summer or Autumn later so let's wait and see in regard of the patch later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if this week here is quite short. See you next week.

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