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The Maid of Sortilège Review




Since we have both of Jeanne at the Clock Tower released alongside Kirikoi, I decided to combined both element from both work for this week VNTS Review title. For the info, Jeanne here is based on the story of Joan of Arc (Loosely at that) and that one of her alias is 'The Maid of Orleans', so obviously I changed 'Orleans' into 'Sortilège' in which the latter is the fictional country in Kirikoi. As for this week, well I can say that it's quite exciting seeing that we have a number of the releases with the most interesting one is Kirikoi along with several new VNs announcements. Of course we have some updates as well, and this week we have Sekai announced their updates as well. Overall I can say that this is an active week, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

Mangagamer did release Jeanne back at 10th, and as we know it's Liar-soft VN which if we remember will dealing with the characters from alternative history in which we have our MC who is a soldier of World War 2 somehow travelled into somewhere and he manage to encounter the female who call her self Jeanne who as we know is the French name of Joan. Together both of them will see on how Joan of Arc did shape the history of France and Europe as the whole, or at least according to what Mangagamer's Translator Corner of Jeanne said. It also available for Linux and Macintosh as well seeing that Mangagamer did port this to Ren'py engine, so good for Linux or Macintosh users. Anyway go get Jeanne if you want to play Liar-soft, and have fun. Also since Mangagamer did release one of their VN, it mean that they'll announce their next release and in this case they'll release Memorajo at July 15th later so you may note the date if you want to read the sequel of Amrilato.

We have Moonchime Localization announced their new two VNs that will be released at this year, and those two VNs are Tokyo Onmyouji (Has sex scenes for the reminder) and My Dear Frankenstein in which both of the VNs are BL VNs because Moonchime Localization is a localization company that was focused on BL VNs translation. Not my taste to say it lightly, but at least you can read it if you interested with those two and perhaps you may find the story interesting (Some BL VNs can have interesting story after all (ie Dramatical Murder and Hashihime)). We also have the Steam store for Taisho Alice Epilogue was opened, and there's already the release date for it in which it'll be at 24th later so you may note the date if you want to read the last part of Taisho Alice there. Lastly, today we have otome VN release with the name Bakumatsu Renka Shinsengumi with the setting is in historical Japan, so go get that if you interested and have fun.

Sekai did reveal their third Secret Project, and turned out it's Slobbish Dragon Princess FD that will be released at 22nd later. Considering that it's quite fast of them to localize the FD, I assume that Sekai already has the plan to localize the unreleased sequel as well so let's wait and see if my assumption here is true later. Other than that, we have KARAKARA 3 was fully translated and Kimagure was 20% in QA. From fan translation, we have Steps to Love full translation patch release, and no much to say other than go get that if you're been wanting to play the nukige that has a lot of footjob (The title should tell enough that it's the main fetish lol). For the rest of fan translation updates, we have Taimanin Kurenai was at 35% translated, Gore Screaming Show was at 21.79% translated, Harugi was at 17% edited, and Eustia was at 91.48% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 51.48% TLC-ed.

JAST did release Meteor Pendulum heart back at 11th, and from what I see it's more or less just a nukige with space police setting which to say may be nice to play if you're in the mood of short nukige. While it has transformation scene akin of magical girl, I would say that it's a stretch to call Pendulum Heart as magical girl VN. Anyway go get Pendulum Heart if you interested with it and have fun. By the way I'm still waiting for Yamizome Revenger in that JAST did say that they'll release it at this year, so let's see if they can fulfill what they say later. I also like to say something in regard of JAST recent policy in which they'd release the download version first following with physical version release later, and I must say that it's good policy of them because it mean that they can keep the release pace with both of Sekai and Mangagamer which as we can see now JAST manage to release six VNs in half a year (Perhaps their slow release pace in the past was caused by the preparation for physical version). Here's hoping JAST can keep this release pace in the future.

Nekonyan did release Kirikoi in which it's the first Saga Planet VN available in English, and what you should expect is that it has blonde girl as the main heroines along with red-haired side heroine with the setting was in the academy that turned out to have the same name as the school in GPPC. Also one should note that it has some of threesome sex scenes in which turned out that it cause some people to have some complicated if not absurd reaction, and that some of the ending is quite unexpected for this seemingly lighthearted charage. So go get Kirikoi from one of the available stores (ie Steam, Mangagamer, Fakku, or Denpasoft) and have fun. One more thing to note that Nekonyan did port the engine, and the result is that it has some bugs (You can still play Kirikoi though). I'm still think that Nekonyan is right though for porting the engine, especially if we look at on how long Akatsuki Works tweaking the engine of Hello Lady and not to mention Sekai in that they need to wait for the engine of their VNs, and if anything else at least the porting result is better compared to the one in Lamunation.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - I know that both of JAST and Alka did announce new projects which to say are quite interesting, but I'll save the talk on those projects for next VNTS Review.

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