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Clock Tower at the Beach Review




Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for the title I combined 'Clock Tower' from Jeanne at the Clock Tower that will be released later along with this week nukige release (Big Dick at the Beach), so we have 'Clock Tower at the Beach' as this week VNTS Review title (By the way I also find out that there's a real clock tower in the beach in which it's place of interest at Monteral). As for this week, well if not for Nekonyan's updates at yesterday it would be a dry week seeing that we only have one nukige release from Cherry Kiss. That said, at least there's fault side below so actually it wouldn't quite bad even if Nekonyan didn't give the update yesterday seeing that side below is the long awaited new part of fault VN that has hiatus for six years. Overall combined with Nekonyan's updates this week is yet another average one, and let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review.

Cherry Kiss did release their nukige with the daring title that I mentioned above, and no much to say other than go play that if you're interested with it and have fun. Speaking of nukige, JAST did announce that they'll release their newest release with the title Meteor Pendulum Heart (Real title Ryuusei Pendulum Heart) at 11th later. From what I see apparently it has space police heroine along with the aforementioned space police can change the costume through transformation scene so perhaps it can be said like magical girl, although saying that it's magical girl would be a stretch. I know that I should praise JAST to finally get six releases in half a year regardless on how big the releases in question are, but I still want to see them to finally released Yamizome Revenger here. Other than that, it seems that JAST has a plan to announce something interesting later so let's see if the announcements is as interesting as they're implied (One of those interesting announcements could be Flowers Hiver).

Finally we have release announcement for Fault 2 Side Below, and the release will be at September later (Hopefully the developer already taken care of their own problem so we didn't need to wait for years for the sequel). Granted that they're quite late because they did announce that they'll release it at Spring in the past (To be fair it's just estimation), but at least they're still on time for spring release in Australia lol. Oh yes they already opened the Steam store for it, so you can check the store page here. From fan translation, no much to say in regard of that other than we have A-4 was fully TLC-ed (Yes now A-4 here has TLC status), and Chaos Head Noah was 95.04% translated (Common route was at 93.07% translated) along with 13.52% TLC-ed and 7.33% edited.

As for Nekonyan's update yesterday, turned out that they have two new secret projects with both of those are already have some progress (1st project was at 80% translated and 2nd project was at 40% translated). No idea what the projects are, so no choice other than waiting Nekonyan reveal those two secret projects. For the rest of their updates, we have Karichaimashita almost finished the editing work with the current progress was at 98% edited, Melty Moment was at 70% translated, Cafe Stella was at 60% translated and edited, Mirai Radio was at 70% edited, Makeover FD started the translation progress with the current progress was at 5% translated, and Aoi Tori was at 45% translated. Looking from the progress, it seems possible that Nekonyan will also released Karichsimashita along with Clover Day's at this year, so let's wait to see if my guess will become true later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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