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Bunny Loveriche Review




Welcome to my VNTS Review for this week, and here's my first attempt to write VNTS Review earlier even though it's still quite late. As for this week VNTS Review title since we have one of Sugar * Style heroine share the same name of KKPC pink Precure (Ichika) along with Nekonyan did announce the exact release date of Kirikoi, I'd make the title as 'Bunny Loveriche' with the 'Loveriche' part is from Kirikoi full title (Kin'iro Loveriche) and the 'Bunny' part here is from KKPC Ichika's 2nd image song (Bunny Gift). As for this week, if the last week is quite controversial with Amayui MTL-ed narration patch released then this week we can say that it's full of passion with nukige releases (Most of those). That said, rather than releases my interest here is going to Kirikoi exact release date so overall to me this week is more or less average one to me. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

I suppose I say congratulation to Frontwing in regard of their Oppai Academy release, and admittedly the girls costumes are quite sexy lol (Although the breast that they have is obviously will make their back hurt). Go get Oppai Academy if you want to play it and have fun. Speaking of big breast, we have Shiravune get Eden's Ritter released at Steam and obviously it's another big breast VN if we look at the developer (Waffle) only that it's darker. Shiravune also did release another nukige with the premise that the MC encounter two adult female in the swim pool, and good that Shiravune did give us two nukige so feel free to play the nukige from Shiravune if you interested with one of those (Or perhaps both), although personally I'm more interested with Eden's Ritter though seeing that it has magical girl element lol. Last and the least, we have Cherry Kiss released yet another their short nukige (Sexorcist Academy), and feel free to play if you've been interested with that as well.

We also have Famicom Detective Club remake release in which it's 33 years old VN that initially was released for Famicom Disk System and then Nintendo decided to remake it for SNES, and obviously both version didn't available at English until today (The remake obviously did improve the graphic a lot along with adding the voices for the characters). Anyway, it's only available for Switch and seeing that Nintendo rarely if never released the game for PC, safe to say that it's chance for Steam release would be almost impossible. Go play this VN if you have Switch and been interested with old detective VN, and have fun. We also have PQube did anounce the exact release date for Bustafellows, and in case you've been interested to get it the release date will be at July 30th later.

From fan translation, we have Taimanin Kurenai was at a quarter translated, 80.8% original lines of Summer Pockets were reworked, and Eustia was past 90% mark (90.35%) TLC-ed with the current progress is that side stories was fully TLC-ed and with that only Licia's chapter that was still in TLC work with the current progress was at almost halfway (49.66%) TLC-ed. As for the release date of Kirikoi, actually Nekonyan did delay it from their initial release estimation at May's end because there's some problem that was quite urgent to handle (Or at least that's what I can understand of). That said, at least the delay was still quite reasonable so it's not much problem to me here. As for the exact release date of Kirikoi, Nekonyan will release it at June 11th so you may note the date if you want to get Kirikoi later.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week, and see you next week.

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