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Booby Quest 3 Review




Since Mangagamer did released Funbag Fantasy 3if back at 6th, I decided to reuse the title 'Booby Quest' for the third time (The first time was at 2016 and the second time was at 2019) and so we have 'Booby Quest 3' as this week VNTS Review title. For the reminder, it's because I parodied Dragon Quest in which I changed 'Dragon' into 'Booby' and for the reminder Funbag Fantasy here is the parody of Final Fantasy (The Japanese name of Funbag Fantasy is Kyonyuu Fantasy, and kyonyuu here is more or less mean big breast so yeah we have a lot of big breasts in Funbag). Anyway as for this week I finally can write VNTS Review slightly earlier than last week (Yay), and more importantly this week is quite nice if one look forward to both of Sekai and Mangagamer updates along with some new project announcements. Overall I suppose I can say that this week is not too bad, although overall it's still quite average one though. Anyway let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review.

JAST did announce that they'll release Closed Game at tomorrow (May 27th). I should say that they currently did the good job with them manage to released five titles in half a year which compared to their past performance is already an improvement, although too bad that there's still no Yamizome Revenger release though (I'm looking forward to this release more compared to ReLord part 2 if I may say something about Escude VNs). Speaking of Yamizome, I hope that JAST can somehow get Liberator's license as well although I know that the chance of it is quite small. Other than that, we also have Cherry Kiss did announce yet another of their nukige with daring localized title (Big Dick at the Beach) and that they already planned to release it at June 4th later.

As for Sekai's updates, this week we have Kanojo no Seiiki was started the engine work, Karakara 3 was at 60% translated, Kimagure was fully edited and currently starting the QA, Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru (I'll just shorten it as Yumeiro) was starting the translation work, and Amatsutsumi was fully edited along with starting the QA like Kimagure. We also have Sekai have updating their secret projects, and for the current progress the 3rd secret project was apparently almost ready for the release with the current progress was almost finished the QA (At 90% in QA), while for the second project it's been fully translated and edited. In any case, for now I can only say that hopefully none of those secret projects are translated in Chinese language only first. Oh, and out of all those updates the most interesting update to me here would be Amatsutsumi now that it about to enter the final stage of localization (QA).

From Mangagamer, we have Rance X progress was increased by 0.5% since the last update (The current progress was at 34.5% translated and 3.5% edited), Moral Orc was fully translated along with 95% edited, and they'd reveal one of their secret projects that I'll talk about it a bit later. Speaking of secret projects, three of those did get some progress in which the 6th project was at 92% translated along with 82% edited, 10th project was at 92% translated along with 81% edited, and 12th project was at 43% translated along with 38% edited. That's all for Mangagamer's updates (Other than secret project reveal) for this week.

As for the secret project that Mangagamer did reveal, it's Distant Memorajo in that it's the sequel of Amrilato which as we know it's GL VN in that it has Esperanto language lesson as the feature. The premise for Memorajo is we have Ruka and Rin have yet another adventure after Amrilato's event, and this time apparently it's also related with younger Ruka here. No much that I can say in regard of this for now other than Mangagamer already has this SukeraSparo VN was in testing for a while. Speaking of Sukera, turned out that they're quite aggressive with overseas release with their another branch (SukeraSomero) did announce that they'll release Oshirabu FD with English language as well (Also with Korean language), and as for the release date it'll be at July 30th later. No much to say other than I'll look forward to the release of those two GL VNs later, and for the reminder Oshirabu FD will have sex scenes.

This week we have Harugi was at 14% edited, 35 out of 62 scripts of A-4 was edited, 83.3% original lines of Summer Pocket was reworked, and Eustia was at 90.85% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was finally past halfway (51.38%) TLC-ed. I know that we also have Pure x Connect update yesterday, but I'll save it for next week. Last but not the least we have Alka did reveal their new project, and the project in question is Loopers in which it's the newest KEY VN with the premise that apparently involved time loop with the MC have his treasure hunting game gone wrong. The other things that I know in regard of Loopers are Ryukishi07 did write this VN (And thus it's normal if we expect that the casts will suffer a bit), KEY will release this at May 28th later (In Japanese obviously), the art is resemble some Western cartoon instead of usual Japanese anime, Ryukishi did reuse his naming from Umineko for Loopers characters in that he did use Western naming transliterated with kanji, and that Alka already did release the translated trial of this (You can get it here if you want to try it). In any case, I'll look forward to the translation progress of Loopers later.

That's all for what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

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