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Sweets Castle Meister Review




Welcome to my belated (Again) VNTS Review (I really should try to writing earlier at next VNTS Review), and as for this week I can say that complicated would be the right word. I didn't mean that this week update is bad though, but rather the reason is because we have complicated situation surrounding Amayui narration patch released in which the translator did admit that it was MTL-ed. It would be easy if the translation is really bad as per usual MTL, but since it's quite readable if not good naturally one would defend it and so the argument did happen a lot. Other than controversial Amayui narration patch release, we have Nekonyan and Mangagamer updates so if one did ignore Amayui's update this week would be still interesting thanks to the updates from the companies. Now let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review, and I'll tell the meaning of the title at PS later.

Another reason on why Amayui situation is complicated is that because I decided to help the translator to clean up the interface, which to say is quite messy because of the default interface programming from Eushully. So even if VNDB allowed Amayui translation to be added, I still won't say that it's complete because the interface is still in the working and obviously it'll need some time before it's ready. That said since some people did say that the narration patch is readable, I would say that it's okay to read it as long as you already decided to read the narration patch even if you know that the translation is MTL, and yes all of the sex scenes are translated as well. So just in case that you decided to read the available narration patch and ready to accept the consequence, you can get the patch from this link here and have fun.

We finally have Verdelish fully translated Slow Damage, and if I'm right all that left is the editing along with QC progress which to say may take a while before finally we can see JAST released Slow Damage (The plan is that JAST will release Slow Damage several months after the Japanese version of it was released). We also have Shiravune did announce that they'll release Eden's Ritter Gaiden tomorrow, and what I can say is that you better expected dark nukige with big breast (Same developer as Funbag) along with some formulaic magical girl story with one of female can transform into her battle attire (Not that I'm complaining about it). Oh yes it's also will be available in Steam, which mean at least we didn't need to worry in regard of bypassed the Denuvo DRM just like previous two Megasuki VNs. Speaking of big breast VNs, I know that Frontwing did just release their big breast VN today but I'll talk more on it later.

For fan translation, other than controversial Amayui full (Machine) translated narration patch we have Taimanin Kurenai was at 20% translated, Harugi was at 13% edited, Summer Pockets original lines was at 78.8% reworked, and Shin Koihime Musou was at 45% edited. That's all for fan translation updates at this week.

Mangagamer did release Funfag Fantasy 3if, and have fun if you want to play big breast VN. Since Mangagamer did release a VN, obviously they'll announce their next release and in this case they'll release Jeanne at June 10th later. Other than release, this time Mangagamer did bring a number of updates with Moral Orc was at 95% translated along with 69% edited, Christmas Tina was fully translated and edited, both of Uchikano and Trinoline Genesis along with 8th secret project are in testing, 6th secret project was at 89% translated along with 81% edited, and finally we have Rance X update with the current progress was at 34% translated along with 3% edited (IX editing work was also going nicely with the current status was at 62% edited). We also have Mangagamer bring up three more secret projects with the progress 10th was at 84% translated along with 71% edited, 11th was at 38% translated along with a quarter edited, and 12th was at 58% translated along with 56% edited. I just hope that the secret projects would be less passionate (ie less nukige) and more focused in story (ie more story VNs), and that's all for Mangagamer's updates.

As usual Nekonyan did bring some interesting updates once per month, although sadly there's no Hello Lady update yet so for now I can only hope that Akatsuki Works will get better programmer so that they can work on the engine more efficiently. As for the updates, we have Cafe Stella was both at 55% translated and edited, Melty Moment finally have another update with the current status was at 65% translated, Mirai Radio was at 60% edited, Aoi Tori was at 40% translated, and Karichaimashita was fully translated along with 90% edited and 10% in QA. Actually Kirikoi here has some update as well, although since Nekonyan did have good ability to release within their promised estimation release time and that they'll say that they'll release it at May's end at first I figure that I won't list that update here, but since some people would surely like to know the current progress of Kirikoi I figure that I should list it here as well. For the detail, the current progress of Kirikoi was that the editing was almost completed (99% edited) along with 60% in QA. That's all for the updates from Nekonyan.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.

PS - For the info, since one of Sugar * Style heroine has same name as KKPC pink Precure (Ichika), obviously I parodied KKPC once again and in this case it's Sweets Castle in that it was used by KKPC near the end of the series. Of course I changed the word 'Amayui' into 'Sweets, so we have 'Sweets Castle Meister' as this week VNTS Review. That said, Amayui itself can also mean sweets seeing that the word 'ama' here mean sweet (I know the kanji 'ama' in the title mean heaven), so you can literally translate Amayui as 'sweets' here.

Edited by littleshogun


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Amayui is middle of the road quality for games outside of the IM series (which are inevitably higher quality than Eushully's other games).  It has a relatively easy to understand gameplay system, a decent to good quality story (meaning that the good points are good but the rest tends to meander), and a good cast of characters.  However, it falls well short of Fuukan no Grasesta or even Soukoku no Arterial, both of which had better gameplay and story.  A lot of it is that the game can't seem to decide whether to go with a happy-go-lucky atmosphere or the grimmer atmosphere that tends to poke its head up on a regular basis.  Eushully is usually at its best on the grimmer side of things, so Fia's personality often makes the game lighter than it should be.  The other issue is that the main conflict of the story is just a little too on the obscure side for a strong emotional investment in it.  I found the main antagonist of the story uninspiring, whereas the protagonist side was a bit too goofy much of the time.


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