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Silver Colored Faraway Track 6: Requiem Atop the Snowing City



Since we have a news in regard of Ginaharu, of course I use the title 'Silver Colored Faraway' here and 'Track 6' is mean that I use the title for the sixth time. Unfortunately the news that we have here is not a good one though, hence 'Requiem' in the title, and if you know about Catholic church requiem here is mean a Mass celebrated for repose of one deceased soul or in music term Requiem here is the last Mozart's work before he passed away. Also once again I use the title from one of Kanon 2006 episode, and in this case it's episode 10 (Requiem Atop the Hill). I'll explain more in regard of the title at PS later. As for this week, other than the news about Ginahru it's quite a plain one to sum it up because there's no much updates at this week, although Nekonyan here did reveal that they have two more secret projects at their Discord so it's a bit of interesting. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week.

Admittedly Trip drop Ginharu is understandably very upsetting because it mean that he drop it after he translate two thirds of it and not to mention that people hoping that he'll continuing it after the hiatus, but if we think several breaks that he tooks in the past it's not surprising that he decided to drop it. I understand that its very disappointing, but what I can say is that unless we can have Mizuha's patch being released immediately just by throwing a tantrum with saying that it's either waste of time or nobody will trust Trip, it's pretty much pointless to do those so what can we do here is just try to move on. While Trip decided to drop Ginharu here Irru still want it to be finished, so if you want to help him or know a translator who willing to finish the last one third of Ginharu you can call Irru later through his Discord (The invite link here).

Cherry Kiss did release another isekai nukige VN in which it's about the MC who supposed to not have superpower at first only to have his power to be awaken thanks to a drug later, and let's just say that you can play it if you interested and have fun. Verdelish still do good job with Slow Damage in which currently it's at 36% translated, and turned out that we also have Nine Episode 4 already starting the QA for some times. As from where you can see the progress, turned out that Sekai decided to add that important update in their Denpasoft tracker instead of their usual tracker (Currently the status on their usual tracker for Nine Episode 4 is that they're starting the QA soon). We also have Nekonyan announced that they have two more secret projects, although in this case they only reveal it at their Discord though in that they made two additional channels for discussing the secret projects, and you can try to guess their next projects at their Discord. Of course we still don't know what're their projects are, so for now we can only wait for Nekonyan to reveal their secret projects later (I assume that they'll reveal the projects in February at the latest based on this tweet).

Seeing that Tsui no Sora Remake keep showing some progress, I decided to keep my eyes on that and currently 900 out of 15,087 lines are translated. I know that the project may get some unexpected circumstance in the future, but considering that the translator already decided to release the patch at this year I figure that I'll see if the translator can do it or not. Other than Tsui no Sora Remake, we have Loverable was at 94.71% edited, Eustia was at 60.92% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 36.26% TLC-ed, and Harugi was at 76% translated with Yuuna's route was already past 90% mark (91%) translated. Lastly there's also Alka's progress on reworking original Summer Pockets, and currently they manage to reworking the original line in which currently it's been at 46.8% reworked.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and sorry if it's been too short here. See you next week.

PS - For more explanation in regard of the title, I change words 'the Hill' in Kanon 2006 episide 10 title into 'the Snowing Town' so we have 'Requiem Atop the Snowing Town' as this week VNTS Review. Snowing Town here is also the title for one of Ginharu's soundtrack, and also it's the title screen theme.


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