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Sakura Memories Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (01/24/2021)

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and since there's an unique VN that Alcot created with the cooperation of hololive (Sakura-iro Dreamer) has full translation patch release along with we have a progress on Sona-Nyl, I combined 'Sakura' from Sakura-iro Dreamer along with 'Memories' from Sona-Nyl's full title (Shiei no Sona-Nyl -What a Beautiful Memories-) so we have 'Sakura Memories' as this week VNTS Review. As for this week, I can say that this week is more lively thanks to a certain big release, and of course it should goes without saying that the big release in question is not Sakura-iro Dreamers. Other than the release, we finally have Mangagamer updated their projects after some time with no updates and some of those updates are quite interesting. Let's see what I can write in regard of this week VNTS Review.

It's not surprising to see that Sekai delayed their Rewrite release from January to Q2 of 2021 later (ie June's end at the latest) seeing that there's no much update happen in regard of the translation progress. Sekai also stated that their difficult situation in regard to have new translator to coordinate their work in order to be consistent with the translated scripts from the older translator who naturally quit thanks to his fatal life choice, although I can only say that I didn't mind of it too much seeing that it's more or less just a redundant to me. If anything, at least it's allowed them to put more focus on Nine Episode 4 which Dovac said at the Discord that they'll release it at Q1 2021. I know that it's still unknown whether Sekai can release Nine Episode 4 at March's end or not, but let's just see it later considering that they'd quite fast when working on that.

Right now we have Verdelish manage to translate 40% of Slow Damage, and as of now we also have some surprise new project. The project in question is Taisho x Alice Episode 3 in which the Steam store for that was already opened (The link to the Steam store), and the release was estimated to be at March later. As for Taisho x Alice itself, now that we have three volumes translated in English it mean that we only need one volume to be translated in order to have Taisho x Alice fully translated. By the way I did some searching about Taisho x Alice, and find out a review which did say that Oretsuba of all VN did remind the reviewer of Taisho x Alice so perhaps Taisho x Alice might be something to consider if you want to play some otome VN.

As for Mangagamer updates, right now we have one more secret project in which they dubbed it as 8th secret project with the current progress fully translated along with 80% edited, and speaking about secret project we have slight updates in regard of 6th secret project with both progress are past three quarter (78% translated along with 76% edited). No comment in regard of secret projects other than I hope that the projects would be something interesting. As for the other updates, we have Funbag Fantasy 3 If was in testing, Sona-Nyl is finally have image editing process ongoing, and both of Musicus and Hentai Lifestyle are finished the testing. For a little bit trivia, Mangagamer did say that the steps in their translation progress are translating then following with editing, image editing/programming, testing, and lastly some cleanup before release the VN. So after testing both of Musicus and Hentai Lifestyle would need some time for cleanup before the release, and cleanup here is mean taking care of the bugs that may be missed in the testing or some other technical problem. That's all for Mangagamer's updates.

For Sakura-iro Dreamer, the premise is about on Sakura Miko daily life or something like that. For the info Sakura Miko here is a virtual Youtuber (Her channel if you want to know more about her), and her agency is hololive. No much to say other than the VN may be interesting if you're Sakura Miko fans, so go get the VN if you want to try it and have fun. For the updates from fan translation, right now we have 1700 out of 15087 (11.3%) lines of Tsui no Sora Remake were translated, Shin Koihime Musou was at 40% translated, Tae's route of Akagoei was at one third translated, Yuuna's route of Harugi was at 92% translated, and Eustia shown some significant progress in TLC with the current number was at 63.94% TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 37.61% TLC-ed along with Eustia's chapter was past a quarter (35.47%) TLC-ed. We also have Alka did continuing their work on reworking the lines from the original Summer Pockets, and currently they managed to get more than half of the lines (54.3%) reworked.

For the big release that I talk about, it's obviously Utawarerumono remake for PC which mean that you finally can enjoy the improved gameplay with the first part of Utawarerumono story. While granted that the release is arguably redundant because we already have Mirror Moon released the translation patch for the original version back at 2008 and that the's no much change in graphic, the gameplay improvement in the remake version is actually quite nice because the gameplay in original is outdated compared to the rest of Utawarerumono trilogy. Another thing to note is that it didn't have the sex scenes because Leaf did backport the console version to PC version, which mean technically the remake version was censored. Although considering several factors I can understand if Leaf decided to not add the sex scenes in the remake, and it's not like the case of Yoake, Aselia, and Baldr Force in which those three VNs didn't have the sex scenes translated. In fact if you feel that the VN is censored, at least you can play the original version. Anyway go get Utawarerumono remake if you want to play it either because you already wait for it or want to see the gameplay improvement, and have fun.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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