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Sakura Automaton Review



As for this week title since we have Winged Cloud decided to release Sakura MMO Extra along with that we have Gekkou no Carnevale release back at Christmas, I decided to combined 'Sakura' with 'Automaton' so that we have Sakura Automaton as this week VNTS Review title. It should be obvious on why I chose the word 'Sakura', while for 'Automaton' here it's because in Carnevale we have living dolls which resemble human and based on Oxford dictionary one of the meaning of automaton is 'a moving mechanical device in the shape of a person' which to say fitting for the living doll in Carnevale (The story even wrote that the city is famous for automata (The plural form of automaton)). Anyway welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week compared to the last week it's a bit plain in that there's no new announcement or release, although we have Shiravune announce that they're about to release Utawarerumono remake for PC. Other than Shiravune announcement we also have some updates from fan translation and Sol Press, so I guess this week is more or less just an average one. Let's see what I can write for this week as well.

Currently we have Slow Damage was at 31% translated, and since we already have the release date of Japanese version at February 25th along with JAST said that they'll release it few months after Japanese version release, safe to say that we may have it released at this year (Hopefully). As for Sol Press updates, we have Nukitashi was at 60% edited and the QA build for Sakura Celebration is being finalized. No much update admittedly, although at least Sol Press has some progress on Sakura Celebration in which it's possibly their next release. If anything at least Sol Press still willing to work on their remaining VN licenses even a bit, although it's still too bad though that they cancel the contract with Laplacian and as the result currently there's no way to license their newest VN which is pretty well received. Oh well.

Tsui no Sora remake was showed some steady progress, and currently it's at 3% translated. I did see that the one who translate it is quite an eccentric figure in Reddit, although in the end I can only say that I'm more interested whether the translator can fulfill the estimation release at this year or not (The Github page of the project if you want to keep an eye on it). Other than Tsui no Sora remake, we have Loverable was at 94.01% edited, Harugi was at three quarter translated with Yuuna's route was at 82% translated and Misaki's route was at 22% translated, and Eustia was past 60% mark (60.85%) TLC-ed with Licia's chapter was at 35.90% TLC-ed and Eustia's chapter was at 15.39% TLC-ed. That's all for fan translation at this week.

As expected the news about Utawarerumono that Shiravune will announce back at 7th is in regard of Utawarerumono remake release for PC (Which technically is a redundant one), and they also already announce the release date of it in which they'll release it on 22nd later at their tweet. With it finally the PC player can enjoy the improved gameplay of Utawarerumono seeing that the original's gameplay is quite outdated to say it nicely, although in exchange it didn't have sex scenes though because it's the backport from console version and that Leaf already decided themselves to only make console VNs. Well at least it's not Yoake, Aselia, or Baldr Force cases in that we can't even see the sex scenes translated. Last but not the least we have Kirikoi open the Steam store for it along with announced the release estimation, in which it's on Q1 of this year which range from this month up to March's end. I still don't know when we'll going to have it released, but I can say that it would be nice to see Nekonyan release it as their Easter gift at the very least.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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