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Sakura Chuunibyou Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/16/2017)

Finally after two weeks absences here we see new VNTS there so of course I'll review it like usual, and before started the review for this week I'll just write some notes in regard of the image header (ie releases from past three weeks) from left to right pictures as refresher:

  • Boukaku was remind me of Paradise Kiss, and it's otome VN with sex content in which interest me back at AX 2016 - not interested anymore though
  • Ne No Kami 2 was remind me of bad release planning for Saku Saku because it was planned to be released at the same date with Ne No Kami 2 release - at August 31st, but regardless I think it's nice historical yuri VN (I mean Ne No Kami 2)
  • Too bad that I couldn't play Utawarerumono 3 because it was for PS4, although at least it's looking good from VNDB average score
  • Subahibi was released by Frontwing, and out of those four I think it's the biggest released here

I think that's enough for the refresher in regard of the releases, and let's see what I could write in regard of this week. Oh, and hope Caribbean people managed to rebuild their hometown after Irma destroy most of those like shown in the photo.

For this week title, I knew that it's sounds like the crossover fanfic for the anime of Sakurasou no Pet and Chuunibyou ga Koi but of course it's not. The reason here was because this week we had two demo releases from two VNs, Sakusakura and His Chuunibyou Can't Be Cured (Mangagamer's OELVN from back at Otakon) in which it's meant to show us what kind of VN that those two were - I knew that the title was sounded like one of Sakura franchise VN from Winged Cloud lol. Other than two demo releases, we had usual updates here and as expected this week Mangagamer was also joining the update for this week as well because it's their biweekly updates. Let's see what the updates had for this week, shall we.

From fan translation updates here we had Loverable at 88.01% translated with Kaho's route was at 20.11% translated (Also at 53.57% TLC-ed and 21.76% edited), Pure Pure was at 30.49% translated with Chapter 2 was at 62.18% translated, Musumaker was at 39.7% translated (I admit that I didn't keep my eyes closely on this project), Witch Garden was at 31% translated, Tsukiyori right now was at 17% translated, and Yo Heart 2 was at 90% QC-ed (Sasara's route was finished QC progress) and 95% proofread - Ittaku also stated that they on track for November release so let's wait and see in regard of that. As for Tsujidou, right now it was at almost halway translated (At 49.58% for overall translation) and Ai's route was fully translated - they also stated that in upcoming two weeks there would be no progress because they're preparing Ai's patch, so they could deliver September's end release. That's all for fan translation section.

For Mangagamer they bring bunch updates which is always welcomed here, although this week they had surprise though in which they also stated that Chiru was in testing already, and that mean it should be a good news for Umineko fans although to me it's still just redundant though. Speaking about testing, Imopara 2 was about to finished the testing which mean if everything goes well it should see the release in near future. And for more VN in testing, there's Ritarnia in which was already entering the testing and finally Sorcery Joker was about to do the testing - which mean that the engine work for Sorcery Joker was finished. For the updates here we had Maggot Bait was at 53% translated, Fata Morgana fandisc was at 86% translated, Hashihime was at 24% edited, Supipara Chapter 2 was at 22% edited, Sengoku Rance was at 20% retranslated and 10% edited, Rance Quest was at 23% translated, Hapymaher was at 91% translated and 84% edited, Sideboob was at 69% edited, Marriage was at 96% translated and 90% edited, Trinoline was at 38% translated, Sona-Nyl was at 5% translated - which mean it's only about 76 weeks left to be finished if they keep the pace like this in next weeks, and Evenicle was at 94% edited. That's all for Mangagamer section this week.


This week Frontwing did has two updates as well here, so I'm gonna write that here. The first one was in regard of Phantom Trigger, and as expected they're gonna had Volume 4 and it will be released later at this Winter. Also as expected it'll be another spotlight chapter, and this time it goes to Sakurako which is an explosive master - also we're probably gonna know her dark past here just like previous two (By the way, I did say that Sakurako was remind me of Satoko from Higurashi appearance wise). There's also Momoiro Closet as well in which Frontwing was already opened it's website, and it will has Spring 2018 release. That's all for Frontwing update here.

For the last update here we had Sakusakura fund was got some burst since they released the demo, so right now they gathered 20,424 with less than 70 hours left. To tell the truth, it's quite questionable though they didn't release the demo earlier because if they did they earlier, I think it could help the awareness a little bit. In any case, the demo was rushed though because it got some problem at the first version but at least Sol Press issue the patch to fix that quickly, so for now I didn't had problem with the demo and they also promised that they're gonna fix the translation - not as bad as Konosora MoeNovel translation at the very least in regard of current translation. Let's see what they would do in regard of this later, and hopefully we could had good Sakusakura release later.

That's all for this week VNTS Review for now, and see you next week.

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