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Bocchi Musume: Futari no Ikemen Review

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Apparently this week Tay was at around Carribean where hurricane Irma was just passing, and the damage at there was quite severe in which it also affected the internet connection as well. So once again, unfortunately we couldn't had VNTS here just like last week. Even so, I decided to make the VNTS Review here so enjoy and if I missing the updates here just write in comment.

For the title, since we had both of Utawarerumono 3 and Boukaku release there I decided to join two title here - Bocchi Musume from Boukaku full title and Futari no Ikemen from Utawarerumono 3 (The real subtitle for Utawarerumono 3 was Futari no Hakuoro), although it was the truth though that Boukaku did had two handsome man hence the title 'Futari no Ikemen' (Two handsome men, and by the way apparently this is also the title for a doujin drama CD yaoi porn lol) which of course should be obvious considering that Boukaku was otome game in the first place. Other than the releases, this week we lacking the updates here if I may speak the truth. Although of course there's still some updates here, In which I'll try to report on that.

For fan translation, let me do the roundup for this week fan translation segment. For the roundup here, we had Loverable was at 53.2% TLC-ed and 21.4% edited (Kaho's route was at 13.25% translated), Pure Pure was at 29.54% translated with Chapter 2 was at 58.33% translated, and Tsukiyori was at 15.3% translated. As we had Subahibi released, finally we could see a progress from Sayooshi which right now it was at 43.9% translated now that apparently vvav was finished with Subahibi and imouto hemorroid VN thing, so hopefully we could see more progress from Sayooshi here. For the last progress here, we had Tsurezure do the update on Tsujidou in which it was at 47.3% overall translated with Ai's route was finally reach 90% mark (92.47%) translated, and they also stated that they should finished Ai's route next week and release Ai's patch at September's end (After doing image editing, second reading, and make the patch). That's all for fan translation section.

As for Mangagamer, I think that they'll gonna had the batch of updates at next week - and by the way they announced the release date for Space Live which is at 29th later (I'll talk about that later there). As for this week, they released Boukaku in which it was already been a year since it was announced back at AX 2016. As for the premise, we had a girl who is shunned because of her height and her scary face and the shunned was causing her confidence to be plummeted. At least until she met with two handsome men in which they would change the girl's life forever, by turning her into a model although the girl was not quite thrilling for the chance though at first. The premise here was remind me of Paradise Kiss anime, especially in regard of recruiting an ordinary girl to became a model although back in Paradise Kiss we only had one love interest though. For more additional info, this VN was actually had sex scene which is usually lack in any otome VN because most of that were didn't had sex scenes. Anyway, have fun for playing Boukaku out there if you already got that.

Right now Sakusakura was still gathering 15,874 with a week remaining. To tell the truth, it's looks very worrying considering that Sol Press only had little time if they really want to gather 24,000, and yet right now they just barely managed to got almost two third of the goal. Hope that by the end of KS that they managed to release it. For the last update, we had Utawarerumono 3 in which it was for console (PS4) so if you didn't had the console obviously you couldn't play that (Like me here). As for Utawarerumono itself, I think the first VN was conclusive enough although apparently Leaf was felt otherwise though so much that they made two sequels for Utawarerumono ie they want to milk Utawarerumono series - I would also like to ask the question though why they didn't release both of Utawarerumono sequels for Steam yet. My nitpick aside, I believe that Utawarerumono 3 was look quite good so if you already owned Utawarerumono 3, have fun for playing that.

That's all for this week, and once again see you next week.

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