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Attack on BETA Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (09/23/2017)

This week title should be very obvious that it was in regard of Muv Luv Alternative (MLA) Steam version release, and the fact that MLA was the VN that insipred Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin (AoT) mangaka (Hajime Ishiyama) - of course once again BETA was stand in for titan. For more info in regard of that, I'll quote Ishiyama's word that said he was inspired by MLA in regard of making very popular AoT manga below - including the question beforehand (Source was from MAL thread here, and I cut the answer from Ishiyama here):


Q: What was the inspiration behind Attack On Titan?

A (By Ishiyama Hajime himself): I used to play a video game rated R called MUV LUV ALTERNATIVE. It was about aliens taking over the earth and the human race reaching the extinction. That game was my inspiration for Attack On Titan. At the beginning....

It was based on the translation for his interview though, so it might be inaccurate. Nevertheless, Ishiyama himself was really mentioned Muv Luv at the interview in the Youtube video so it should be good enough for the proof. Speaking about Youtube, there's AMV movie called Attack on BETA (Just like the title here XDDD) in which it had MLA clip with AoT opening song. And as for the title here, well I want to create this since back when I knew that AoT was inspired from MLA which is already more than one year - as shown with my review with the title 'Attack on BETA: Before the Fall' which was published at July 2016. That's all in regard of my title for this week VNTS Review.

Welcome to this week VNTS Review, and as for this week there's many good news from Other section here although as for fan translation it's still usual though. Other than those two, finally Sekai did a good job setting up the Steam store for Tokeijikake first part and JAST did had exact release date for Eiyuu Senki - albeit Eiyuu Senki release itself was redundant one (No Mangagamer update for this week though). Let's see what I could write for this week.

About Eiyuu Senki, well congratulation to JAST in regard of the release I guess. I did find that the release was redundant though because we already had Eiyuu Senki translated for quite a while, and the sex scenes was already translated as well. I think I'm gonna try to talk more about Eiyuu Senki here now that JAST did already had exact release date, at October 24th later.

Good job to Sekai there for finally managed to set up the Steam store for Tokeijikake, because I just worried that Sekai started to be incompetent after they announced Saku Saku exact date twice while still didn't get permission for the Steam store - in which they should get the permission and set the store first before announcing exact date. Anyway, as for Tokeijikake I admit that it looks interesting enough although we still need two more parts though to enjoy this fully, which I'm sure that it would take a while before the releases. As for the release time, I see that apparently it would be November although it could be fastened to October (Hopefully) or more realistically delayed because of some engine problem. Let's see it for now in regard of Tokeijikake here.

Fan Translation

As for fan translation, there's Loverable which right now was at 88.71% translated (Kaho's route was at 24.77% translated, and for overall it was at 55.26% TLC-ed and 21.87% edited), Musumaker was at 40% translated, Majokoi was at 71% TLC-ed, Witch Garden was at 32% translated, Sayooshi was at 45.2% translated, Tsukiyori was at 18.4% translated and 8.9% edited, and Pure Pure was at 31.91% translated (Chapter 2 was at 67.95% translated). Ittaku was promised us that he could release To Heart 2 full patch by next week (Congratulation for finishing 8 years translation by the way, Ittaku), and I look forward to the release here.

As for Tsujidou, I found some interesting info that namely Ai's route in Tsujidou was longer compared to both of HatsuKoi Maya and Runa route (Two longest route from HatsuKoi) combined, which mean Ai's route was quite long and therefore it took longer time to be translated - by the way, from the progress I knew that Ai's route was ~30% part of Tsujidou. From there, I could say that the translation for next routes would be much quicker now that we have 51% left divided by three routes - and one of those remaining was side routes (Also the fact that the routes wouldn't as long as Ai's). Look forward to Ai's patch later in which it should be released next week if they still want September's end release. For one more progress, there's Denwalts with his secret project was at a quarter translated right now. That's all for fan translation this week.


For this section here, there's definitely many good news from them. First of all, Sakusakura was managed to get the major burst with 28,810 funded which surprised Sol Press as well. As for my comment, congratulation that the project was finally funded after saw the fund was gathered very slowly just like back at Chuusotsu KS. For the release itself, while maybe there would be a lot mistake in regard of that I still hope the best for them as of now, and hopefully both of Sol Press and the fan was satisfied with the release.

There's also Little Busters in which it was finally had an exact release date - at November 1st, andit would be Spring at Australia in which somehow VA did fulfill their promise in regard of Spring release for Australia people lol. As for the release itself, I would say that it's quite redundant considering that we already had released translation since back at 2011. But seeing that version didn't had three routes that was added later, and this version would added those three routes translated there perhaps I should say that it's the good release here if one want more Little Busters (ie the new heroines).

Speaking of announcing exact release date, PQube here was also did the same in regard of Chaos Child in which it would be launched at October 13th for EU version and October 24th for NA version, in which both of those were for PS4. As for my opinion here, for now I'm not quite interested with this because obviously I didn't had PS4 here. But looking at the good average VNDB score compared to the sort of prequel Chaos Head, I would say if you like that and did had PS4 you should try Chaos Child later.

For the big news here, there's MLA release once again which as we knew using the new translation instead of old one. As for my comment in regard of MLA, I admit that it's a good VN considering that it was the first highest score back at VNDB. Although unfortunately it make age dependent on Muv Luv setting so much that they didn't develop any big VN after MLA, and it could be interpreted as age was too afraid to develop the VN besides Muv Luv. Even though it might be age policy in regard of Muv Luv ie age had Tough Act to Follow trope, I think it could be better if age was trying to go out of their comfort zone by making the VN that didn't had same Muv Luv setting - Schwazesmarken didn't count here seeing that it still had Muv Luv setting. As for the release, well it's redundant to me considering that it already had the translation for years and even though it might be no good for some people, it didn't make MLA did had a bad score just like Decay said because after all majority of the score there were still pretty high ie MLA was very good VN. Regardless of my opinion, I would say thanks to the new translator though because through their hard work the Steam user could enjoy MLA fully.

That's all for this week VNTS Review, and see you next week.


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