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Everlasting Kindness Review

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Visual Novel Transation Status (12/31/2016)

First of all very sorry for being late here to write my first VNTS Review at 2017. And second, even though I might already said it several times in the forum let me said happy new year 2017 again to all of the reader here. For the title, since we had Charles from Da Capo 3 touching everlasting sakura tree, I'd just use everlasting and hanakatoba for the sakura as the title (Hanakatoba for sakura was kind and gentle by the way). As for Da Capo 3, I'd play the demo and let's just said that MC was quite dense just like the anime and I'm laughing at him (I still look forward to the release of full version though).

As for last week in 2016, there's no other release for full translation VN (There's Loverable 1st trial release though). Maybe this is what we call a breather though after we had many crazy releases from last month. To recap we had Himawari, Rance 5D and VI, and World End Economica last episode which all of them were quite well known title and interesting at that (I'd playing Rance VI at this moment and it's quite addictive to me for now). Not to mention there's surprise release from Denwalts which turn out to be 11eyes which quite popular in the past. And there's also not much update from last week either make it quite plain overall, although there's some interesting news from Dies Irae kickstarter though. With that done, let's do some roundup here for usual progress.

From Sekai Project, in regard of Meikyuu 18+ it was delayed because of the holidays looking from their recent announcement (Of course employee need to rest after all duh). Well, nothing we could do in regard of delay other than waiting for a while there, although Sekai promised that there's will be getting Meikyuu 18+ release after holiday though. Other than the matter of Meikyuu 18+ delay, there's only usual update from them once again. For the list of update, Chrono Clock was at three quarter translated (75.01%, which mean that Sekai will need to hasten the translation if they still want to release it at late January), Maitetsu was at 82.75% translated, Tensin Ranman was reaching 90% translated mark (90.27% translated), and Bokukotsu was at 22.02% translated. And there's another news from Sekai which should take interest from any of Neko Para lover which is the release of Neko Para 3 was scheduled for April 28th (I'm not quite interested though). That's all from Sekai.

For fan translation, other than Loverable first trial was released (Translated of course), there's some usual progress. For Aokana, it was at least around half of common route was translated and apparently there's some problem in regard of the translation ie shaky. Hope the best for the team then, if only to find out the good solution that could satisfy either the team or people who want good translation for Aokana. For usual translation one, there's Loverable which once again just recently released the translation for demo (The progress was 42.74% translated, 13.39% edited, and some significant QC progress at 10.66% QC-ed), and I'll definitely read that. The other usual update there were Tsui Yuri was completed retranslation and will focusing on edit and QC; and Majokoi was at 65.3% translated. There's other updates from some other projects too, and for elaboration the projects were Sukiuso and Mahou Shoujo (Sukiuso was at 41.5% translated, while for Mahou Shoujo the translation for Chapter 9 was completed (The progress in lines would be 4,450 out of 20,000 lines were translated)). That's all fro fan translation.

For last news, right now Dies Irae was managed to gather 122,510 funds which is quite worrying now that it's only 10 days left to do fund rising. There's also loss matter few days ago in regard of the disappointment for stretch goal. Looking at stretch goal for Dies Irae, compared to campaign who also had same situations (Root Double and Libra) it was quite lacking if just looking it comparatively (Libra offered new mini episodes, while Root Double offer the translation for Drama CD). Especially when one user asking whether Rusalka could had a route in English first, which mean that fans expected that they'll get Rusalka route for stretch goal and they got fan books as stretch goal instead. That's all that I could think of.

That's all for this first VNTS Review at 2017, and sorry for very late here. See you at either Saturday or Sunday later.

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