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The Lucid Memories Review



Visual Novel Translation Status (08/14/2016)

Looks like we'll had late VNTS here, so let me tried to made some early VNTS Review here (Of course I'll add VNTS link if it's posted though). This week I'll combine 2 announced title from Otakon (Hapymaher and Sona-Nyl) here so we got 'The Lucid Memories'. The reason was because in Hapymaher we'll deal with lucid dream and in Sona-Nyl we had subtitle 'What A Beautiful Memories'. As promised, this week I'll combine both of my VNTS Review and Otakon commentary here. For VNTS it's still usual update here but for Otakon here once again Mangagamer here was the winner by large margin here.

For this week, there's not much in regard of release. One of notable release here would be Office Lover otome game which developed by Dogenzaka Lab here. I would said that this game will be good for anyone else who like otome here. And another one for the release we also had Narcissu 0 released which tell the story behind 7th floor of the hospital here if I looking from the synopsis here. This prequel should be satisfied anyone who like to read more Narcissu here. Other than that there's no big release for this week.

Before talking about VNTS and Otakon announcement, let me said that there's no announcement from JAST here. But from Meru's Tweet there's good news for anyone else who looking forward to Flower. Namely apparently this game will be coming soon and this already ready for pre-order here (Or maybe it's been awhile and I missed that). Here's the Flower official page for the proof. And for more statements here, Peter Payne also said that this game almost ready for shipping (Although I'm still beware of word 'soon' from JAST though) in his Tweet. That's all for JAST news here.

Sekai Project

First, let me list the progress for their project here

  • Maitetsu was 21.12% translated
  • Chrono Clock 27.25% translated
  • Tenshin Rahman 35.75% translated
  • Human Reignition Project will be released at 2017
  • Memory Dogma will be released at November 2016

Not much comment here other than the progress for both of Tenshin Rahman and Maitetsu slowed down after some major bump from last week. Looking from production value, Memory Dogma here quite interesting with seiyuu like Nakamura Eriko and Asakawa Yuu here. Too bad that it's only first part here, so obviously to enjoy full story we must wait longer here (Also this is apparently starting becoming the trend, not the one that I like though). Oh, and the opening was quite good too. As for Human Reignition Project, for now I only know that this game was had same developer as Highway Blossom here and set up in the future. As for Chrono Clock, I'll try to comment later but it's quite interesting situation for now.

For the announcement, both of them was only doujin here so the production value here was quite low (Although the story here might be good of course). For Fatal Twelve, it was quite interesting announcement though if only they announced it first for overseas instead of Japan although the company was from Japan. For more info, the developer for this game also responsible for Sound of Drop development. As for Garden of Dream, the opening was quite good here. The premise here was quit dark here, and involving dream at that. For more interesting news here, the developer was from Argentine although if I may said that once again the opening was had quite good with Japanese singing here (Actually Just Deserts was also had Japanese singing though). Overall, there's no much from Sekai compared to last year Otakon (They announced Tenshin Rahman at last year).

Before forget, let me said that Shinku TL also responsible for Hoshimemo retranslation for Sekai Project here, according to Akerou's post here.

Fan Translation

Once again some usual progress here, so let me give the list first.

  • Bishoujo Mangekyou was at 40% editing and 22.3% QC
  • Tsui Yuri was at 68% translated
  • Majokoi was at 32% translated and 17% edited according to Fred The Barber here.
  • Clover's Day - The twins route was at a quarter (25%) translated
  • To Heart 2 - Karin's route was finished for proofreading
  • Hanasaki Works Spring project joined Luna Transaltion after some drama. For the progress last time I remember it was at 55% translated for Hikari's route
  • Ayakashi Gohan - The summary here would be they almost finished the translation with last route was at 93% translated and omake was at 88% translated. Here's the post for more detail

No Otakon announcement obviously for fan translation here. Overall, other than drama at Hanasaki here there's not much happening here ie only usual update. For the last news here Cafe will continuing the translation for SayoOshi here and will post the update at TL Wiki (Which made our Moogy happy that finally TL Wiki will be alive again). Here's his Tweet for the proof and right now the translation progress was at 30% translated and he'll try to finish the translation in 2 or 3 months later. About SayoOshi, what I knew it was denpa story which tell the story about depressed teacher who lusted over his student. It's been quite a while at TL Wiki before finally stalled for a while. Oh, and the reason I posted this on Fan Translation segment because it's unclear if Cafe will bring it to Mangagamer or not yet. That's all for Fan Translation segment.


We surely had many exciting announcement at Otakon from them, but first of all let me said that right now Doodler was inserting the script to Da Capo 3 if we looking at his Twiiter. As for the announcement, I'll try to give some explanation one by one here.

It's normal if we expect another Sono Hanabira title here will be licensed by Mangagamer here because after all they had the right. About Nyuu Jene here, it was actually developed by the company which formed by staff of Fuguriya who as we knew of course was behind Sono Hanabira franchise. Enough about trivia here and if we looking at the character, this time we'll had 3 new couples at once in one games instead of 2 games for one couple each like old Sono Hanabira games. This game announcement will obviously excited for anyone else who like yuri here, and of course it'll be added to the list of yuri translated games. Come to think of it, this year we already had 2 releases for good yuri games here (Hakuai and Yurirei). I just digging my old comment back at VNDB about this game and I said that 'I don't knew if Mangagamer will be license this or not'. Who knew back there that I'll get the answer that Mangagamer will license this after one year here right now. For more info here, there's a couple who also twins so we'll got twincest yuri here.

Sona-Nyl, if I remember it's one of Ixrec planned project that he'll translated after he finished with Harvest Fiesta, before Mangagamer got Liar Soft right and Ixrec cancelled the plan. Another cancelled plan here would be Valusia. The premise for Valusia here was like some adventure in alternative version of New York at 1907 (I knew that this is part of Steampunk series, which had some pattern with alternative world and history here). To added more info, apparently the setting will be like Sharnoth, only instead of dark it will be more violet here (Oh, and New York was already in ruin). As usual, Rita was singing the opening song here and it was good. And if we looking back at Inganock and Sharnoth, I will say that this will be chapter based.

About Sorcery Joker, our Clephas said it was quite good. Apparently the premise was something like using magic as superpower there. And in that world there's a faction who want to using magic more freely instead limited by the government there. Other than that, apparently according to Clephas once again this game was chuunige and will had some mystery. Oh, and for last note this game was the winner of Moe Game Award 2015 for Best Scenario category.

Interesting situation there that Purple Soft decided to had partnership with Mangagamer after had one of their games (Chrono Clock) licensed by Sekai. Maybe each company who had partnership with Sekai will only licensed one game each? If I recall, same situation about moving from Sekai to Mangagamer also happened in the past with Winged Cloud, although Winged Cloud now back to Sekai though (Not that I care). Back to the announcement, about Hapymaher the premise was like our MC here was always had lucid dream (The dream that you always remember even after wake up) since the accident when he was small. In the dream, she met with mysterious girl who said that she will save MC from the lucid dream (Or as she said from his bad dream). For scenario writer, he was also write for Ataraxia together with Nasu according to VNDB. For last word here, the girls outfit design at MC dream was quite good there.

For last announcements, we had both of Rance 5D and VI announced. As for 5D, not that much interested although it tell us of how Rance met with Rizna. What I interested is Rance VI which if I recall one years ago was delayed because Mangagamer decided to get the license right from Alice Soft. I was the one who waited for this, and frankly I was quite disagree with Arunaru back there when he decided to doing Haruka first instead of continuing this. Oh well, all that in the past though and the most important thing is that finally Arunaru continuing Rance VI here (It's obviously gameplay once again here). For the premise, Rance VI tell the story of how Rance was becaming slave because he didn't had magic capability at Zeth and he organized a rebellion against Zeth. Well, looking forward to this release at December if we talk about year end (I'll be very surprise if next one or two weeks later Mangagamer display Rance VI translation progress at 0%m considering that Arunaru alteady translated 88% of it). And about 5D, obviously the translator will be Bad End looking from his work and he will just like Arunaru here, continuing his work.

That's all for this week, and I'll made a tier based on Otakon later (Or maybe tommorow) here. See you next week, and if I miss something just tell me in comment box below.

Edit - Since VNTS was already posted, I'd add the link to the post like usual here.


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